DW Mage Hunter Gunslinger - devotion/equipment help


I am finishing Elite with my Mage Hunter (level 72) and I’m planning my final build. So far I focus on auto-attacks, elemental and pierce damage. My prognosed skills and devotions at the moment:


I have several questions how to optimise this build:

  1. Is my skill distribution more or less ok?

  2. Should I try to grab another third level devotion? (Ulzuin’s, Blind Sage, Attak Seru)

  3. Should I switch Amatok for Harp/Phoenix?

  4. What legendaries should I look after to make this build as viable as possible?

For now, I breeze through Elite, didn’t manage to kill Mad Queen though. Any help or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

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I would say Runebinder is the obvious choice for Mage Hunter Gunslinger. You can also get creative and go with the Aether Gunner: Vortex of Souls + Iskandra set or Krieg Set. Problem with Aether Gunner is getting an autoattack skill (Runebinder got one), you will have to use Beronath component + Magelord rings for some conversion which is not super optimal (plus resist reduction from Word of Pain is not very reliable as far as I heard), but you can try and incorporate some sick Conduit amulet in latter build.