[DW Melee] [] (g2) Darck Von Vile - Cheap Ritualist 🥩

This build can be seen as an updated and cheaper version of what @Nery posted in the pre-FG era (

Here, I have used some of the new faction items that came in Forgotten Gods (FG).
Another big change in FG was the medal augments that grants movement skills.
In recent patch, the farmable set Dark One’s Gift got some things for the Shaman’s Wendigo Totem. Finally, Harbinger of Souls got flat vitality damage which is nice for weapon damage based builds (only had vitality decay previously).

Grim Tools link :link:
(Note, Grim Tools is not yet updated for patch)

Stats in game (Main Campaign) with Blood Pact, Soul Harvest, Savagery stacks & Dying God.

Video :movie_camera:
Gargabol (~33 sec), Mad Queen (~15 sec) & Lokarr (~33 sec)

Pros and Cons
(+) Easy to get items
(+) Easy to level up a Ritualist and get the required gear
(+) Decent damage
(+) Good life steal
(-) We need Physique (for heavy leg armor), Spirit (for Dark one Chest and Helm) and Cunning (Swords) i.e. it’s very tight in attributes
(-) Low armor
(-) Not superfast run speed.
(-) Not the best choice for Dual-wield melee

Gear for this build

  • Dark One’s Gift (I have farming guide in this build-guide)
  • Bloodrender Solael Faction. Craft at Angrim for good bonuses.
  • Bysmiel Vile Seal Bysmiel Faction
  • Coven Sky Seal Coven Faction (good for OA, DA, resistances, Freeze resistance)
  • Solael Mark of Blood Bysmiel Faction
  • Mythical Legplates of Valor Random drop, but it’s epic so not as rare as legendaries. Basically any high armor pants with loads of defensive stats are good: green, blue or purple.
  • Elite Harvest Footpads Homestead factions. Basically any high armor boots with defensive stats are good: green, blue or purple.
  • Empowered Essence of Beronath Random, but common, drop. Craft at Angrim.
  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Waistguard Monster Infrequent belt. Good for +skills and chaos to vitality damage conversion (we do have some sources of flat damage and also the skill from our weapon components) this is also a good budget belt White Lotus (FG factions). You can farm the green belt from Lunal’Valgoth in the final level of the Chthonic rift you find in Mourndale. It has like 15% drop chance so you probably need to do like 15-20 runs to get a decent belt actually. Also drops in Crucible and Shattered Realm.
  • Relic we use Bladedancer’s Talisman which you can buy from Hyram to allow dual-wield of melee weapons.
  • Seal of the Void you can use haunted steel or something until you can craft this.
  • Augments and components, use whatever gives you defensive and offensive stats like extra armor, DA, resistances.

Gear upgrades

Devotion map :stars:
Green Xroad
Red Xroad
Remove Red Xroad
Yellow Xroad
Sailor’s guide
Solemn Watcher
Remove Yellow Xroad
Dying God

Leveling tips
Study either my Vitality Cabalist guide or Nery’s Vitality Oppressor guide.
Replace the second mastery with Shaman, grab Devouring Swarm, Mogdrogens Pact line, Wendigo Totem and Storm Totem + its transmuter. Use this off-hand Groble Sky Effigy with nice defensive stats and/or +%vitality damage.

Comparison with Nery’s old build
(+) Cheaper version thanks to the new faction items.
(-) Not as much damage since we do not convert the cold damage on Soul Harvest and Necrotic Edge with the weapons we are using as we would have done with Decree of Malmouth
(-) Crucible is much harder these days, especially for non-tanky Melee builds.

Thanks to :hugs:
Nery for his original build and his support.
And thank you all for checking in.

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Kudos for this build! That’s definitely cheaper version. From the time I posted this build, lot of things have changed. There’s now weapon that converts lightning to vitality to Savagery, also mobility runes and better damage to Harbinger of Souls.

Same time Crucible and end game as whole is lot more challenging. Dark One here acts like SR set for some other DW melee builds, have %damage, good stats and ofc defensive proc.

yes I forgot to mention movement skills and Harbinger of Buffs!

Yeah Dark One is good, but mostly for casters. The low base armor will just make melee builds with this set melt in Crucible as it is now.

hahah y are indeed the master of cheap builds great job as always y should rename yourself into king of noobs,thanx to y whoever starts this game have easy life in front of him

He’s back to making cheap builds :frowning:

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Someone needs to do this, to keep the balance of the force :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, next build will have plenty of double rare greens and a conduit or something :slight_smile: