[DW Melee] [] (g3) (c+) Pure E Fiah - Dual Wield Melee Purifier (no greens) 🔥

I do not usually post high-end geared end-game builds. I mostly make budget/beginner stuff like this.
Here is a build that I have been thinking about doing for a month or so, but originally I made a Shieldbreaker. Since I learned that mad_lee was doing a very similar shieldbreaker build that I was about to post, I decided to change my build to a Purifier (hail Mamba!) :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to make some comparisons with this Purifier and the Shieldbreaker variants below.

The entire reason why I wanted to make this build was that I have read many times that melee fire strike is pure garbage :poop: so I wanted to try it for myself… is this a meme build or something that is actually fun and viable? Let’s find out!

Note this thread is not a guide - it is simply a build post where I will describe some of my ideas I had with this build and how it performs. I will however post some budget alternatives regarding gear, something about leveling and building up the devotion tree. Furthermore, the build is not 100% polished or tested against all sorts of content. You can see this thread as 80% build post and 20% idea sharing. Though I have played it for quite some time and I think it was ready to be posted in public.

In-game (Main Campaign) stats with Deadly Aim active.

GrimTool calc link :link:
:damage_fire: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk8dkb2 :damage_fire:
(note, Grim Tools is not yet updated to patch)

Revised version https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxLPplV (based on feedback and ideas from mad_lee and thejabrixone: other pants, components, augments, devotions and skill-layout. Slightly more damage and sustain from partially converted Twin Fangs)

Build Concept, Mechanics and some Gear choices :tshirt::crossed_swords:
In this one, I tried to make most use out of the skill specific damage conversions on Fire Strike which are granted by the weapons Blazeheart (100% physical and 100% chaos damage dealt by Fire Strike gets converted to fire) and Mythical Alladrah’s Spellblade (100% lightning damage dealt by Fire Strike gets converted to fire).

These conversions have several consequences for this build:

  • We can use augments that gives flat chaos and lightning damage (like Osyr’s Temper and Skyshard Powder which IMO are a bit better than the augments that grants flat fire damage)
  • Consecrated wrapping’s and Mythical Entropic Coil’s flat chaos damage will be dealt as fire damage on Fire Strike.
  • WPS that procs off from Fire Strike also benefits from the Fire Strike skill specific conversion. In particular this is important for our WPS’es “Burning void” and “Korvaak’s brand” (from weapon components and medal).
  • We can invest a lot into Fire Strike’s modifier “Static strike” for flat Lightning damage, that will be converted to Fire damage.

(note that Explosive Strike, afaik, counts as a separate skill and thus don’t get fully converted damage in this set-up)
(also note that we could have gotten Flame Torrent from the Fiend devotion, since we also have some global Chaos to Fire damage conversion)

Some other good things about the Burning Void WPS from seal of void component is that it can hit multiple targets and also that it just looks and sound dope - it is very satisfactory to play with!

The Justicar Guard set is pretty self-explenatory and I guess the other items are as well. Other gear options are Heart of Ulzuin, Mythical Chausses of Barbaros and of course Mythical Final March. I settled for the new-born Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards for stun resistance. I should probably stress already here that I do not build around crucible, which means I do like to get pretty high cc resists.

The relic I went for Serenity since it is overall good. Completion bonus I took life leech resistance (mostly for Mad Queen tbh). Korvaak’s Deception is also good, since it grants some extra slow res.

Movement augment, I just took a very basic one straight from the Forgotten Gods (FG) faction vendors. Use what ever one you think its best, I prefer those that do not need target to be cast.

Crafting, I did the helm and amulet with slow res.

Arcane spark is for some energy regen, Seal of Annihilation is probably better though.

I should say that for my personal version of this build, I have some pretty good green items… but for the sake of posting a build concept to share with others, I tried my best to do a build free from such items. I might in the future post that version here too, but not now :slight_smile:

Devotions :stars:
Pretty self-explanatory I guess. Too bad we do not have any physical to fire damage conversion so the Meteor Shower is not as massive damage boost as it could/should be. Revenant is for speed, adtch and flat rr.

Click on me baby for devotion tree progression

Green Xroad
Scholar’s Light
Red Xroad
Solael’s Witchblade
Remove Red Xroad
Sailor’s Compass
Remove Quill
Ulzuin’s Torch

Leveling tips
Pretty straightforward: do not level with DW melee Fire Strike :stuck_out_tongue: Instead you can burst through content with transmuted BWC and Thermite Mine. You could grab Bat and Fiend as early leveling devotions while leveling up before changing the devotion tree from scratch to fit the goal build’s devotion tree.
Get some Blast Shield, Flashbang and Vindictive flame too. Inquisitor, just get Word of Renewal for heal and Aura of Censure when leveling with BWC and mine. I guess some Rune of Kalastor can be useful as well.

Budget gearing options
Look at this GT link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0BM9JN for some budget gearing options (note that most gear do not have all affixes and augments etc its just to give you an idea of easy to get items that can fit this playstyle).
Note you can not except good performance, but should give you at least a similar playstyle even with limited gear and being able to farm at least some Roguelike dungeons and Challenger Crucible etc to build up a bigger item pool for this, and future builds.
A good Kilrian’s Skullbreaker can be used as second weapon, or lower tier versions before you get and can equip Blazeheart. Note that you can only get one Blazeheart per char (it is a quest reward from Daila in Ultimate)

Comparison with Shieldbreaker
Shieldbreaker has one more WPS (Smite), great OA and energy regen in Presence of Virtue. Also good exclusive in Divine Mandates that pretty much makes slow resistance redundant + huge crit dmg. With Shieldbreaker you can also be a bit more mobile since you do not “need” to stand on your Inq seal like a coward. Drawback is that you have no damage reduction apart from transmuted BWC (physical damage only). From my personal preliminary tests, I’d say that Shieldbreaker has more damage but Purifier is safer (granted you can stand on the Inq Seal).

With purifier, we also have racial damage bonus and reduction (Eldritch and Chthonics)

More later.

Videos and Performance
Gargabol, Mad Queen & Lokarr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB9aK3DG7z8
More later.
I will do more Crucible and Shattered Realm (SR) when I feel that Grim Dawn is more finalized. I am not too happy about the current state of neither Cruci or SR.

Anyway, here is Glad 170 cleared with 4 blessings in ~9min

Shattered Realm I have done some SR but that game mode is too random and boring for my taste. One day I will just try 65 over and over again until I succeed once than give build (sr) tag xD

Credentials and Thanks
I could not find any recently made melee Fire Strike builds in the compendium so most of these things I have kinda figured out myself. If anyone feels like their build should be included here as some kind of reference, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Here is mad_lee’s shieldbreaker variant [] Murciélago de Fuego - 6:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, 7s Mad Queen, no greens melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker [c+][sr][g3][vid] special thanks to him of course! Very funny that we both posted similar build concept about the same time xD Sometimes the stars just align you know :slight_smile:

Otherwise, thanks to the usual suspects that makes my stay here at the forum an awesome experience + their hard work for the game and community: Nery, mad_lee, Maya, x1x1x1x2, Ceno, adoomgod and Stupid_Dragon

Additional special thanks to Dammit, Mamba and Big Z :zantai:

And thank you all, for reading this bloated wall of text.
I hope you are at least somewhat convinced that melee Fire Strike is not pure shit :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done with this build! It’s pleasant surprise post end game stuff. DW Purifier melee definitely it’s interesting archetype.

You need to submit it to build compendium using all that tags.

And one question, have you join the no green mafia? :rofl:

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Yeah but I think most people would prefer Shieldbreaker since its more damage and more mobile.

I will submit it soon I guess, I just want some feedback and play the purifier version a bit more. Perhaps in a week.

I edited and wrote that I have pretty good MI’s on this build for my personal “use” but since I wanted to present it more in a “build idea” state, I decided to stick to the no green dogma :slight_smile:

If there is interest in these kinda builds (I also think mad_lee is working on a similar shieldbreaker) I could show my “real” build and also discuss suitable MI’s etc that will improve the build(s).

I have played melee Shieldbreaker in early FG days and only thing I hate was the mines, but now are fine.

So I am now inspired to do unconventional DW melee builds. In my test plans, chaos Pyromancer and aether Spellbinder.

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me too, I will revisit my old Dual Wield retaliation warlord soon :slight_smile:

and Fire savagery DW melee with the same sword as this build is using xD perhaps someone has already done that idk

Some kind of update: did gladiator 150 almost in my sleep (its late in here in Sweden) will do 150-170 tomorrow.

God damn, now when I post my Melee Shieldbreaker it’s not going to look that original! How did you manage to post something similiar to what I’ve been working on last couple of days :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with some of your devo choices, but overall everything seems solid! I would deffo recommend using flat fire augments from Steelcap tho and flat fire on weapons from Barrowholm.

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Well I have been waiting for getting rid of all these beginner build guides out of my way for a month now and finally getting some time making and playing some of my “real” builds. This one I had theorycrafted like 6 weeks ago. But I guess its true what they say: “great minds think alike” :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I have 100% conversion Lightning to Fire on Fire Strike, I choose Malmouth heart since I already had good vitality resistance and went for some more health instead which can be nice outside Crucible, at least for me.

Arcane Heart powder was an option too, but I kinda wanted some more DA just for safety.

Devotions are something I am experimenting with, now I am trying to find optimal bindings for what I have. My focus was pretty much getting as much speed as possibly (hence Jackal) I had same devotions as you at some point, but since I did not use any pierce to fire conversion and just one Blazeheart I kinda felt that the extra life steal from Twin Fangs was “worth it”.

Well at least my build will be kind of different to yours in its gear/skill/devotion choices. :slight_smile:

Make more endgame builds!

Also, voice your opinion about Crucible and SR balance louder! I have made a thread about it in Ideas and Feedback and it seems Zantai kind of doesn’t listen to me when I tell him that the endgame is already freaking hard. Because I told him that 2 patches ago and now two patches in a row difficulty is being bumped for some reason.

Zantai just loves me :stuck_out_tongue:

In case someone’s taking this post seriously, I’m joking lads.

I am ok with the very late end-game being freaking hard… if I can predict what is gonna happen and how I can counter it. Now, SR and Crucible is just a RNG fest, its almost like vegas baby

And it is also different in Mastery selection. I actually made a Shieldbreaker first and was pretty much just about to post it when I learned about your upcoming shieldbreaker so I thought “hell let’s make a purifier instead now so we can compare the two at some point”. But even so, my shieldbreaker version did not use Judgment or Explosive strike (only 1 hard point)

Another update: died at glad 170, played too greedy :stuck_out_tongue: But everything up to that point was pretty easy.
Another try: died at 162, seemed to be “impossible” mutators since everything just died too slowly, perhaps I should get some more RR to counter such occasions?
Third try:

Judging from how much has been used of the 4 blessings (slightly more than 1/3) I’d say its like a 9:00 - 9:30 run?

I will try to get some more RR and then also playing with 3b + 1v and see if we can get the time down and the clear consistency up.

Question to moderators @medea_fleecestealer @eisprinzessin who is keep adding the Justicar-sets tag on this thread?!?! And why is that tag even spelled like that, it should be Justicar-set, not setS xD

That is me, as I intend to make a link catalog for sets. It’s justicar-sets, because I have bundled base game and mythical versions of the set into one tag. I am open for suggestions, but wanted to get started and get an idea of what works best.


I am fine with that, but i) inform me ii) it is justicar-set, not sets

What another incredible build mate!! Nice one!

Definitely play Crucible of the Dead and 3 buffs + 1 banner to test the build. Watch other builders videos to learn how priotirize targets on different waves.

Current Crucible (and SR) is a total hell tho, especially for melee.

Hmm I thought crucible of sands was “the” arena? I have always tried to rolled that one (but now its just a matter of selection)

Yes I need to re-learn how to do crucible, I have not played it since the weeks after FG was released lol (and don’t get me started on Shattered Realm)

Nah, for build performance videos Crucible of the Dead 3 buffs + 1 banner is the golden standard. Sands is a cool map but it eats away your projectiles and stuff and you are losing damage there with quite a few builds.

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Crucible of dead is both easy and fast. Also have arch, which can help you cheese Alex :smile:

Hi glenn, nice to see your end game build here.
I took the liberty to play with your GT link, I suggest something like this:

  • Giant’s blood is not that useful for a melee build that doesnt have CDR, aim for better lifesteal instead
  • flame torrent or any short CD skill that bound to your AA will give you better kill speed
  • I rearrange your skill point to max all FS node. It’s worth to give it a try.
  • Craft for a slow res for the head and amulet.
  • ulzuin’s pyroclasm proc is interesting, so I put it here… :stuck_out_tongue:
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