[DW melee] Beginner's Virulent Dervish

Any easy way to turn that fire retaliation into acid?
I do happen to be wearing legendary boots, that give acid ret, so +%Ret is useful, but a full Perdition set would be even more useful with lovely acid damage though I would have to lose heavily on damage and it would be a whole different toon.

You can convert fire retaliation into acid retaliation with global conversions, e.g. Path of the Three counts as one.


Any major issues so far and what to drop for Ascension?

Non-attack speed gloves and overall subpar use of components (nothing in belt, head and you should already have mark of illusion to put into one of your rings, the other can have heart for freeze resistance). Also remarkably low on devotion points, I usually reach full 55 points by level 65. Which means either you’ve been grinding levels instead of progressing through the game or skipped some.

For Ascension you can reduce your Nightblade bar, also I recommend to just get 65 first. 65 is a power spike since you can get some gear from Barrowholm (chest, shoulders, although your shoulders are ok too) and some augments into your weapon and rings.

Yeah, nothing to really put to the belt so far with Poison res beign as high as it is, kinda need to grind reputation (the WORST part in GD for new toon) to make it easier later.
As far as leveling goes wasted time doing full clear of FG content and had some bad luck farming MIs.
And while at it mind dropping me a PM about best retaliation build at the moment not to mess this thread along with devotions etc?

I’m afraid it’s not ok to treat me as an ask me anything service. If it’s not directly related to my guide then it’s something that could be answered by someone else. And I don’t know much about retal builds anyway since I never made one.

Best place to ask assorted questions like that is Grim Dawn Discord server:

Well if that´s the way you roll…
Kinda makes me miss the old timers like JoV and Superfluff.

Actually Stupid’s been on the forum longer than either of those.

And if you do a search in the Classes section of the forum you’ll turn up plenty of retal builds to have a look at.

Sorry for not meeting the high standards those two apparently set. Unfortunately, spending 30-60 minutes to write an essay sized post just to sate one person’s curiousity, in private no less, is definitely not the way I roll.

Love the guide too, thank you for taking the time to make it and answering questions !
I’m a bit confused too by the devotions, the devotion section gives a suggested path but the snapshot have a slightly different one(for example keeping Scorpion).
Are the snopshot how you decided to play but you suggest a different path than what you did ? Just to make sure ^^

Pretty much this:

Thank you for clarifying that, makes sense yeah

Which faction do you recommend? Kymon’s Chosen or Order of Death’s Vigil? Or does it not matter?

Doesn’t matter.

Thank you!

Thank you. Leveling part is great, leveling is pure pleasure

upd: 15k dps at 40 lvl LOL

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So, after some trials and tribulations I finally completed Normal-Veteran mode following your build.
Overall it was fairly good. I did hit some rough spots now and again and going up against Korvaak turned into a lot of grab my body run away die, grab my body, hit him, run away, die. But, eventually, I wore him down.
I had reached level 70 by the I went up against him, having completed all other missions save for the Favors, Kymon’s Deserters, Gloomwald Stash, Ivonda’s Mad Ramblings, and completing the quests by the Outcasts. I also didn’t do any Shattered Realm.
I’m not too sure if I’m going to run him through it again on Elite mode.
Here’s a link to my current progress. Grimtools

Well done!

Not sure why you had difficulties with Korvaak, for me it was stomping content after around level 30-35 Veteran.

Your build is fine, but there’s room for optimization. E.g. your helm and boots. They are low level, so behind in armor rating vs enemy damage arms race. There doesn’t seem any good excuse to use them, you can pretty much swap them to some greens. Helm is especially easy since there’s a MI one.
Other than that I don’t get why you’re using Corpse Dust for example, you should have access to Mark of Illusion already. You’re also using Antivenom Salve in helm even though you should have access to Sanctified Bone and Runestone. And your shoulders are empty too, if you don’t know what to put there a second Scaled Hide is a good choice. You can check with this guide of mine for component selection:

It’s a shame you don’t plan to carry on with this build, you’ve almost reached Abomination’s proc and this is where it becomes a lot of fun dealing with crowds.

Yeah, I’m not too sure why I was getting stomped at the end, either. lol. I had figured from all else I was experiencing that it would be rough but doable. From what I recall I did well during about the first half but once he started summoning minions in things started plinking me quickly. And I think there was some other attack he had, don’t know which one, that would hit me hard and fast. Its so difficult to track what’s eating away at you. :slightly_smiling_face:
The helm is a left over. Back in that level range I had all pieces of Perdition and was using them until I found better pieces to swap them out with. I had hoped over to FG as per your suggestion so had picked up the lower helms there earlier but only went back, later on, to hunt for the Gannar’ Sting.
One thing I was doing while deciding on swapping was watching how it affected my DPS. I’d swap it in, check the DPS results, and if it didn’t give a major increase or didn’t offer other benefits, then I’d hang on to what I had. – not the best way to go but I was focusing on killing them quickly with the DoT effects.
As for the Corpse Dust, at the time I had plunked that and Soul Shard into the rings, I was trying to boost my Vitality Resistance up to 80 as it felt like I was getting a lot of bleed and other Health draining effects. And, one of my many bad habits is not looking back at my stuff to see if I need it in place any longer (which, now checking, I don’t seem to need). So for the Mark of Illusions, am I taking it for it’s Defense and ER or for it’s Elemental Damage? OR both? 'cause I usually skip ED as it doesn’t sound like it would boost A&P Damage.
The AvS in the helm is leftover so mostly just an act of sloppiness. The shoulderpads I picked up towards the end of Malmouth. I was really rocketing up in levels at that point and I first looking for something to make up for my chaos and aether R and after searching a lot I just kind of gave up and said I’d get back to that later. Same for the belt. I got it, searched some, got tired (I do most of my playing after work, late at night) and figured I’d get back to it.
I think, over all, I’m more looking at what new item I can equip a component too rather than looking backwards. Taking a look at Sanctified Bone, I’m like… yeah, that would’ve helped a lot for my resistances. I’ll make sure to slap one into my next helm.
As for stopping, mostly I’m just kind of getting burned out on GD. I’ve got 12 characters I’m bouncing around with. I maxed one a couple months back on this build guide (and I’m sure the build is way out of date) but the rest are in the low 30 range. And there’s a lot of repetition of builds as I experimented or followed builds (I still have your Nephrite Spell Binder build to follow through on.)
Right now I’m searching for a good pair of lvl 70 stingers (and maybe look for that Eye helm, too), then see how I feel about diving back in to progress along more. I will take a look at your component guide as you’ve drawn it to my attention. You usually lay stuff out pretty well so I like your guides and stuff.

I guess while I’m here, in the build guide, there’s either mention of putting a point into Resilience as you’ll link Giants Blood to it later on, but you’ve dropped Behemoth from the build I think so do you feel that the point in Resilience is still warranted?

For Defenisive Ability. Your build is fine in that regard though, but that simply caught my eye.

Yeah, 1 point is quite warranted.