DW Pierce Paladin Help. SR viable?

So I absolutely love this character had so much fun playing it and it steamrolls through the main campaign and rogue dungeons but now I’m at a wall. I can just about do SR 50 and am having real trouble trying to make this high end SR viable. Could anyone take a look and see where I could improve it with gear or devotions etc. The resistances show on grim tools are not the same as in game. All my resistances are at least 20% over maximum.

here is the grimtools link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWOQLGV

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

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Your build is nice!

Perhaps take Ghoul for extra circuit breaker. Also you can get to 100% armor absorb with scaled hide in pants.

For offense you should know that cunning is increasing the pierce damage, so you have extra incentive to go there. But really considering the concept, you manged to make the most of it!

hey nice build, i made few change in skill tree and add some resis to fire anyway i dont know my change is good or not but here what i did :