DW Piercing Hagarrad Tactician build concept

DW Piercing Hagarrad Tactician. - original concept.
2nd version with Crab, for more flat elemental to Pierce, thanks sirspanksalot.
Offensive version, thanks to sirspanksalot,

Looking for feedback on this setup, main idea is to convert Cold Damage in Rune of Hagarrad to Piercing. Myth Pack of Treacherous Means (60%), and Bladetwister Signet (30%), for about 90% cold to piercing conversion with maximum rolls. 4 piece Runebinder was used for +2 Inquisitor skills, and boosting Hagarrad’s skill modifiers.

Soldier was chosen for Cadence, and Deadly Momentum, which does get boosted by Reaver’s Claw. I am not completely sure however if Deadly Momentum does boost Hagarrad’s damage, once it’s converted to pierce.

I think this setup could also be done with Infiltrator using Lethal Assault which does have Cold/Acid flat conversion to Pierce, and Night’s Chill giving more pierce RR.

Mark of Divinity was run due to lack of Circuit Breakers in the build.

Deadly momentum flat damage doesn’t boost rune. It only boosts weapon damage skills. The % pierce does increase rune damage but that’s minimal. Same with lethal assault on nightblade and soul harvest on necro.

That said, if you wanna keep that maxed cadence in, then deadly momentum is still worth maxing. I recommend transferring fighting form (keep 1 pt) points to cadence.

Thanks for the tip, modified the build, and added missing Spirit on the spec.

Are you going caster heavy? Or cadence heavy?

If it’s the latter, may I suggest getting mog’s ardor + direwolf crest? Would also suggest dropping some points from biting cold and military conditioning for more attack speed. Would also greatly boost that OA.

A viable circuit breaker would be ghoul (much more reliable than MoD IMO).

My suggestion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7MqA5N

Feel free to drop oleron’s for ghoul. Also, with your nice acid --> pierce conversion, manticore may be worth considering as well. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Really digging the build, btw. I also have a pair of 100% legit Merciless redeemer gloves of Amarasta’s alacrity if you want em.

well maybe but if ur build is based on pierce dmg u need to increase critical dmg.

Thanks for the tips.

Regarding the Caster vs Cadence topic, Hagarrad is meant to be a shotgun skill, and AOE DA reduction, and Cadence is for single target DPS.

It does sound very appealing to try Manticore for more RR and Acid to Pierce. Still not sure on Ghoul as the only circuit breaker. I find that Ghoul works well when used with another Circuit Breaker, like Menhir’s Will, or something with %damage absorb. Mark of Divinity is reliable to me because of the 100% damage absorb for 3 seconds.

Tried my hand at your suggestions:
This setup gives up Oleron’s, and grabs Ghoul and Manticore. DW enabler is now Direwolf Crest, and relic is Mogdrogen’s Ardor. OA/DA does seem higher, 3.6K OA/3.4K DA with all procs, versus 3.5 K OA/3.2 K DA on older setup.

I do wonder how the math works out when comparing 28 flat RR from Manticore vs Oleron’s Rage. Other deal is, Belgothian’s Carnage was meant to add -1 sec CD, to add to -1.5 sec CD of Artifact Handling for Hagarrad.

Only one way to find out - and that’s to test the bad boy out.

LMK if you want some GDstashed items for the testing process. :slight_smile: