Dw purifier

Hello guys, i’m currently have a 78 purifier. Main idea is having as much as offensive ability and attack speed. How i’m doing with the devotions ? Did i mess up hard? Also there is the amulet i currently have is tempest ruby necklace of ruin and the one ring is Thunderstruck Obsidian Band of Alacrity. Finally my lowest defences are poison/acid 22% and aether 18%. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gv7OvN

Why dont you get resistance reductions?! You only have the crown. And no compoents in gear? Why not?!

And getting Defensive ability reduction (from flashbang or biting cold, they do not stack) is a way to get efficient OA

For instance Deadly aim from 12/12 to 16/12 gives you 44 OA. By putting those points into Flashbang (6/12) you shred 130 DA from monsters which is more than 44 more effective OA