DW Witch Hunter Critique Required

Hey all,

So I’m working on a character I’ve never played before… a DW Witch Hunter! Screwed around with a Nightblade a couple of days ago and realized it’s a pretty fun mastery so decided to roll with my favorite class: Occultist.

My build centers on Acid/Poison dual-wielding with debuffs. Please note that I’ve put together this build with the best available items I have (I’ve had poor luck when it comes to NB drops so far so it’s pretty sparse compared to my other characters). The end goal is to complete the Venomblade set but the build will remain roughly the same in regard to point distribution as it is now with points redistributed as better gear rolls in. As such, I’ve built it the way it is now and would like to know if it is at least Challenger-viable before it actually gets decent gear.


Final Build (With Optimal Gear)

Build with Deathstalker

Final Build (With Optimal Gear + Deathstalker)

I’m not super happy with how squishy it is but, from what I’ve read, that’s to be expected with this class. On the other hand, I’m excited to see the insane DPS I’m sure it’ll output. Also, I like Deathstalker as a fun pet so added versions with it. It’s viable but you’re sacrificing some +crit% and 2% attack speed for more damage and -10% RR.


Your build look pretty good! If I were you I’d drop Vulture for Jackal. I’ve seen a couple of end-tier DW Witch Hunter builds on the forums. I went with this one: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d6rA8Z

Thanks! I took your advice as I could rework my resistances. I took a look at your build and I see some potential issues.

  1. No Execution or ADCTH from Nightfall. Large loss of damage and heals.
  2. Too many points in Aspect of the Guardian. Only need 12/12 there.
  3. Too many points in Vulnerability. Only need 10/10.
  4. Your gear is a mix of melee/caster. You need +Attack Speed % not + Cast Speed %. Also you have a weapon with +DEE even though you don’t use DEE. I’m assuming you’re using it for the -x% RR but it’s not worth it over the rest of the Venomblade set.
  5. Your greens are stupid hard to get.
  6. Your devotions could use a re-work.
  7. Not enough points in Ring of Steel and missing CoS which gives a nice fumble chance.
  8. No Blade Barrier. This is a one-point wonder that can save your butt.
  9. Night’s Chill doesn’t need to be maxed and can be left at 10/10 as you don’t do Cold damage.
  10. The three WPS skills that have 20% change to be used can be left at 5/8 as that maximizes proc chance.
  11. You only need one point in NJE.

I think the main thing from your build is to choose between melee/caster and proceed from there. Either a DEE Witch Hunter or a DW Venomblade Witch Hunter.