Dyes/Inventory Bags Mods?

I loved the idea of buying and equipping normal to rare inventory-expanding bags in WOW and thought how Grim Dawn expands the inventory through the story is interesting. So what I want to know is how everyone else might feel about looting these ‘bags’ that might be able to be right-clicked to open a small 3x3(normal rarity) to a 6x6(high rarity) storage space? Maybe they take up a 3x3 space in the inventory to make only a certain amount of them able to be kept on your character at any given time. I feel this is a much more interesting way of adding inventory space without essentially cheating(as you would have to find these bags in chests/enemies over time). Is this possible to make in a mod? If theoretically it is possible then please say so, as if no one else would try it I would certainly give it a go.

Other thing I wish was in more ARPGs and just RPGs is dying of Armor. I understand this may be vastly more difficult, but here’s to hoping someone will see this and try it or maybe the devs will make a DLC where Dying Armor is possible.

I have to say I really, really hate your bag idea. You basically want to be able to have multiple horadric cubes for storage in your inventory, and using that thing for storage was one of the worst part of Diablo 2.

Dye would be cool, but yeah only really happening if the Devs implement it. Theoretically a modder could do it by creating many different colored versions of every item and using the transmog system to let you choose with color to wear. Stupid amount of work to do that though.

To each his own with the bags, but I would like to add I’d prefer having 3-5 slots just for bags on the GUI, but I don’t see that being done. And why so much hate against it? This would be good for hoarders like me and could be easily discarded by ppl like you.

Dyes: ya with modders. I knew I was prolly looking at how that would have to be done the right way.

Implementing entirely new game mechanics is not possible with the given toolset.

Therefore the bags thing isn’t gonna work.