[Early Planning][Druid] Lightning Rifle Concept

This thing started as a random idea to imitate a sort of “Zeus’ Wrath” and has gone through several iterations so far. It’s definitely had a few identity problems regarding gear, and I’m still working on exact skill point numbers. Part of the problem I’ve been struggling with is that while Savagery/Wrath of the Bear and Primal Strike can be used with ranged weapons, there are few items that seem to be intended for it.

Here’s what the rough plan is so far:

Build: http://grimcalc.com/build/ZJRxc0

Potential Items:
Weapon - Raka’Jax
Head - Ultos’ Hood
Shoulders - Ultos’ Spaulders
Chest - Ultos’ Cuirass
Hands - Empowered Thundertouch Bracers b[/b], or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Waist - Skyreach Sash, Stormtouched Chains, Equilibrium Sash, Phantom-Thread Girdle, or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Legs - Stormcage Legguards (?, +lightning dam), Spellweave Legwraps, Eastern Legguards, or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Feet - Stormtitan Treads (?, +lightning dam, +health), Spellsage Boots, or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Rings - Aetherstorm Seal, Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth (?, +lightning damage, +stormcaller, proc), Time-Flux Band (?, +lightning/elemental damage, decent proc), Empowered Quickening Gem, Empowered Starfire, Chosen Storm Seal, Empowered Eternal Band, Invoker’s Shocking Touch (?, +lightning/elemental damage), or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Amulet - Ultos’ Gem
Medal - Empowered Tempest Sigil, Pyroclasm Mark (?, +lightning damage, proc (weak), possible DW), or green “Thunderstruck” “of Squalls”
Relic - Eye of the Storm, Avenger

If the items are any indication, there’s definitely some identity problems going on. Finding just the right gear is a trick in itself. I’m still leveling the character and debating quite a bit, but the mastery point investment at least seems to be fairly solid. Originally I was trying to decide between dual wielding and rifle, but getting a dual wield build to work properly seems to be even more difficult. That’s the path I’d love to take, and initially seemed promising, but the builds I threw together looked like its potential damage took a significant drop compared to a rifle/crossbow, with very little to show in exchange.

Anybody have bright ideas or advice they’d be willing to share?

Have a look at http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38085

You can also do ranged lightning Warder using much the same skills and gear, which I find a bit more tanky.

There was a thread awhile back with almost the exact build, do a search for Raka’Jax.

That build is actually where I started from, and quite a few details. Unfortunately it also uses some skills that I don’t intend on using if at all possible because they break the theme I had planned. Even then, that build strikes on a lot of the same issues that I’ve been dealing with, in that there aren’t very many items that “fit” the idea of a ranged druid. There’s a lot of almosts, but usually leaving holes regardless.

I appreciate the suggestion of Warder, but I’m partway through a playthrough with a friend, so switching masteries isn’t an option. Gotta stick with the choices I made! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot of threads coming up with that, but I’m not seeing any specific fleshed out build yet with it included. Advice, people recommending it, an AMA, a couple partial builds with very little detail…

There’s a possibility I’ve overlooked something on the dual wielding side. I may take a look at that again, since it’s quite a bit more unique. The suggestions to go look at other builds for rifle/Raka’Jax mean other people have attempted it, but dual wield still seems to be somewhat lacking. I wonder if I can get it to work after all.

I am running a ranged druid with vortex of souls that i switched over to savagery. 46k dps buffed and not BISes yet. I run aetherfire on grasping vines and arcane bomb on savagery and spear of the heavens, which is much more awesome than it looks on paper. It clears everything with great ease, i will be posting a guide on that one soon.

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