Easy mat transfer

Right now I have all my mats in my inventory because I keep picking stuff, auto combinding it so it stacks and moving equipment in another inventory tab. rings and amulets are annoying because they mix with the materials…

I would like a way for my mats to automagically go to my stash tab, or perhaps a tab in which only materials live and are somehow ordered by use (armor, damage, misc).

I would also be content on my mats going directly to my stash in the city, as traveling to any city is easy/instant/free/convenient if I wanted to update them.

Alternatively, one button that takes all my mats from my inventory and moves them to my city stash, so I can periodically unload them there.


I believe if you keep shift pressed in while clicking in your invitatory, it moves it to your stash/transfer tab.

I actually just registered to suggest something like this. I was thinking of a bag system similar to what WoW has where you can mark bags with specific item types so all mats would automatically go to one bag, all armor/weapons would go to another bag ect. Would take away a lot of the busy work of the Inventory Tetris. Though just having mats automatically go to their own separate window/back to the stash would be neat as well.

Also, being able to shift+click items between your bags like you can with your stash would be nice for quick transfers.

completely missed the point

Aha yes my bad read to fast and was tired. :eek: