Edge of Reality

Hey guys!

So one of my HC chars died yesterday and shit happens, but I really don’t know what killed me this time. So I was doing some Lokarr runs and on the third time running there I ofcourse went through the Edge of Reality area with all the traps. I pot up as per usual to avoid getting perma CC’ed and started killing off the trash in the area. Having just killed one of the named mobs just outside the secret area to Lokarr I ran up to the bulb of loot that they leave and smashed it. Then something exploded on the ground and just 1shot me. I’m a bit puzzled seeing as the char had well overcapped resistances and around 50% permanent phys res on top of 16k HP.

What the hell did I run into? I’ve tried searching around but found nothing.

Appreciate some insight into this so I don’t run into this mishap again :slight_smile:


https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/1286/skills this is what killed you probably, the fire traps that are killable aswell, they do a lot of damage.

Maybe record your gameplay with OBS from now on. Could be useful on hardcore.
Grim Internals also makes screenshots on death automatically.

Yo, thanks for the reply! I should’ve been more careful in that area cause there was probably a debuffing fest going on, if something hit me for such an amount of damage. I will check this OBS thing and see if I can start recording my sessions for future reference. Thanks again!