Educate me about blowing stuff up in Grim Dawn


I’m levelling a Commando right now, a pretty straightforward S&B panzer.

I’ve only ever really used the BWC when following builds on the forum, and I’m pretty cool with how that works. However, Grenado and Cannister Bomb are more of a mystery.

Grenado seems slightly meh so far (put six points into it at low-level). What’s the best way to use it?

Cannister Bomb, OTOH, seems like a load of fun, but you seldom see it in many builds. Which makes me think there’s a catch… what is it?

Basically I want a tank who can lob blowing-shit-up stuff as well, creating a fiery inferno of death. Any advice really appreciated.

I’m happy you took a break from your main repairing bridges activity. Here is what i know : Grenado , if you overlevel it and convert some of that physinto fire, = high dmg in a small area. Canister = i always used it as cc (stun) and/or devotion proccer buti don’t exclude a dps use of it, it’s just i’ve never tried. Btw , lot of ppl hates it but if you planning to throw lot of nados few points in ulzuil chosen are a bliss ( also helps with conversion)

I seem to remember a guide to a Grenadier build somewhere on the forums but it’s probably outdated by at least 4 patches. If I find it again will post it…

I tried a Commando Tank with StunJacks as main and Grenado(with mutator) as Secondary and so far (45ish) it is fun.

Nado is fun but the Cooldown tempers that somewhat and it has a very circumcised AoE.

Canisterbomb is not used as much because of large CD and the 100%stun on the mutator is too much of an incentive to go for damage.

Canister used to be good only up until late elite and drop off in ultimate]

With the new AOM mods it could be more than a general use skill sink

Thanks for replies.

I think I’m going to experiment with stun jacks for a bit, although I suppose that divides my Devotion choices between lightning and fire.

Will look at the Devotion Tree. This character is only level 36, think I’ve got 16 points unlocked so far.