Hello everyone,

my name is Einarson1987 (Chris),

I am born in 1987 in munich, germany. I am a structural engineer and besides my family (wife and my 3 year old daughter), sports (kung-fu & MMA) ill spend my time with computergames.

Atm I am mostly playing Grim Dawn hardoce mode.

I lost my firts warder at lvl 57 in bastion of chaos in normal and decided to do a “more tanky build”. Now its the full retaliation/reflect warder and I am at lvl 71 and unlocked ultimate difficulty (see my videos!).

There will be around two shedulded streams in a week but you can for sure see me online more often.

On from the start and ofc as soon I grow a little community I like you to be part of this stream. That means we can discuss anything game related, have some talk or even play together online.

Feel free to ask any questions you like.

cya soon


If you like to you can visit me on twitch or facebook!

welcome, no offense but i think computer gaming and MMA makes a strange mix.

Butt Kicking and Theorycrafting?

Not really. A friend of mine was into powerlifting quite a bit (amateur of a very high level). He’s pretty much better than me at any game we played together, from DotA to Civilization 5.

that was supposed to be some kind of joke :frowning:

I really need to relax some time after all the theorycrafting, so I go kick some butts :stuck_out_tongue: (your words)

makes sense

Today I’ll doing a little stream, starting a new hc character and want everyone to join. Stream starts at 7pm (UTC+1) and will last for about 2 hours dependent on the viewers.

Sounds good.

Hello Einarson1987 or Chris,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn, I occasionally stream Grim Dawn (lately not so much because of graduation and work)

hope to see a stream of you someday :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for your welcome (that goes for all of you)

Are you playing hardcore too?

yep, HC ultimate for me :wink: