Eldritch Sentinel

Yet another boss in the game that can’t seem to kill me and I can’t seem to kill it which leaves me with no choice but to exit the game or collapse with a bad case of carpal tunnel . Admittedly my build is more tank then force but it should have more than enough damage to take down anything in 10 minutes let alone 30 or more. Among the many themes in the game that I feel is way over played along with circle’s of death (sigils, cold circle aether circle), and respawning is that of enemy life regeneration.

If you aren’t able to kill him, the only thing I can imagine is you are fighting him in range of his crystals which give him massive health regeneration among other buffs. Just kite him out of their radius.

I’ll give it another run after I’ve built up my damage a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve played the game and a lot has changed. But I still think the life regen bit is still a little overplayed. The other battle I had this difficulty with was the three final bosses in Port Valbury. I would bring the life of one of them down to about a quarter, and then have to move a way to let health regenerate a bit, only to return to what I started with.

Sword & Shield i guess ? :wink: that’s easy too male that kind of toon “too” tanky, and if you don’t stack flat phys dmg you won’t be able to beat a few boss (Sentinel like Nine says you can probably kill him by luring him away from his crystals but the trick won’t work with Valbury’s Cooucellors :undecided:)

i gave up my Warder because i wasn’t even able to ENTER Valbury in Ultimate mind you :stuck_out_tongue: