Elemental seeker


Before spending 30 devotions points trying to reach Elemental Seeker, I would like to check something.
They have 100% chance to spawn on attack, 1.5s cooldown and 5s lifetime. Does spawning a new elemental seeker when there is already one on the field:

  • explodes the first one, effectively making high attack speed an asset with this power?
  • spawns a new one and does not affect the previous ones, so you can have 3 at a time?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can have 3 active at the same time, but after 0,5 seconds, one will explode. I used it on my elemental PRM arcanist, not because it’s the best proc, but the constelation raises the elemental damage pretty well.


When there already are three and another one is created, the first one just vanishes without any action. One of the reasons this constellation is hardly ever used.


I tried getting as mush as possible out of elemental seeker with a battlemage.

I had around 25% CD on him and got the cooldown down to 1.1 (can get lower in crucible.

  • They don’t explode when a new one is spawned, they stack (if they didn’t this constellation would be worse than it is). I got 4 seekers at once poking around at stuff and exploding. In crucible you could theoretically get 5 of them

All seemed fun at first until I realized that they suck against mobs, they wander off randomly making all their potential damage dispersed. Would be cool if you could control them like pets.

My conclusion is that they are best agains single targets in spite of the fact that they work like an aura to concentrate their damage. Also, they need a generous damage boost!

they are pretty but not very effective.

Thank you for all your answers! I think I am going to test it with an elemental Cadence battlemage then.

Additional question: if 3/4 of them attack the same target, are we sure their damage stack?

Sure, why not. It’s kinda like blade spirit (but you can’t attach anything to it, you attach it to something). Each seeker does it’s own thing and receive player elemental bonuses, like blade spirit.

You will like it at first i am sure.

I heard months ago that the damage from several Wind Devils could not stack, but this has never really been refuted or confirmed.

Yes it is pretty enjoyable for now. I tried it for 10 minutes, and the seekers are a fairly decent defense actually. The fact that they have a 1.5s cooldown and a 2s stun reduces the amount of mobs reaching you and gives you more time to breathe.

I had this bound to Olexstras Flash Freeze or Trozans Sky Shard for a while in Elite before I transitioned to Ultimate and had to respec for defensive devotions. Both of them had procced one seeker on attack and a second seeker with the secondary damage ove time effects.

As a main arcanist, this devotion provides significant damage increases as well as a moderately useful additional attack.

Is it really effective? No. Is it pretty and somewhat useful? Yes.

I’m fairly sure the damage does stack, I’ve had 3 out at a time but usually only two. While they do decent damage, their main attraction is AoE damage & stun. They do also seek out nearby enemies, but not particularly smartly. So if you already do great AoE damage, these aren’t particularly effective for you. Honestly, thep passive damage increases are more useful for me.