Elemental to chaos conversion?

Is there any item that has this mechanic, anyone knows?

edit: forgot to mention, OTHER than blood orb of ch’thon.


Man that sucks, theres so few options for chaos builds…

Just 2H melee and ranged, DW melee and ranged, various casters,…
I mean come on Chaos is nicely supported gear wise when compared to some other dmg types.

Isn’t Chaos actually overrepresented in late game itemisation when compared to other damage types ? Especially considering the number of good Chaos items compared to other types that can have some pretty hot garbage. Chaos has nice legendaries or MIs in every gear slot pretty much.

Plus both Harbinger and Black Flame set are good and actually do a good job of supporting their intended build unlike some others.

Chaos unsupported? Jeez, what does that make Cold then? XD

Fire rifles are farmed at port vallbury along with caster items you just need skeleton key. Its like caster and 2 hand demolitionist is way supported only if you have high reputation with chtlon is what your saying is viable. It can support you but you will never get the items cause it’s so hard toget at low chtlon reputation

I beg to differ. There are an absolute ton of areas chock-full of Ch’thonians. Bastion of Chaos. the Ashen/Forgotten Wastes and Darkvale Gate being the prime ones and you’re able to run each one per session for mountains of -rep and other useful things such as Chipped Claws, Blood of Ch’thon and Ch’thonic Seals.

I’m confused here, nothing in what you say is in any way related to my post you quoted.

Chthonic reputation is super easy to farm, plus you don’t need it as Benn shoulders are best farmed in the Crucible. As far as the other greens go, Master’s Spellblade is a craftable, Bloodlord’s Blade is an ok farm run to do, and Obsidian Headsplitters are a byproduct of farming BoC. The MIs that can be a pain are the Bloodsworn items but they’re not the most interesting anyway.

Aside from that there’s a bunch of good legendary chaos gear. The witch god helmets are a pain to get the recipe for, on the other hand you can get someone to craft them for you.

Furthermore, Demo builds generally don’t need Incinerators and prefer Hellborne or the Ulzuin rifle. Same for the Ascended/Haunted MIs, there’s a bunch of competition in those slots.