elite monster level really needs to scale higher

having leveled a dozen or so characters since the expansion, this is a really glaring issue with progression

the experience boosting potions were a fantastic addition to the game, but they’re essentially mandatory to keep the character grind bearable. i do 1-94 with experience potions in 12 hours, which is about an hour or two more than 1-75 took me in the base game (obviously without experience potions).

early-mid elite feels like an awful slog, and the reason is that enemies are often 3-5 levels below me. veteran feels super smooth the whole way through with exp potions, then i get to elite and the first couple hours are so boring that i have to force myself to continue. the game is a lot of fun, and with no real endgame content other than the crucible, the campaign is a big part of what the game has to offer. elite level scaling detracts very heavily from the overall experience.

unlike suggestions to remove elite difficulty, this change in no way interferes with a vanilla player’s experience of the game and i really can’t see a single downside to it.