End Game

So just beat the game on Veteran (I think) and have one quest that I will be completing soon but was wondering what to do after that besides creating a new character.

For starters you can change your difficulty to Elite in the menu now. Then once you beat Elite you can go on to Ultimate. End game. It’s what’s for dinner.

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When you do this does it start the game over?

In the time-honored tradition of the genre: yup.

You can switch between the difficulties freely once unlocked tho (for that character). Normal will remain as you left it.

Really? You beat veteran and think that is the end of the game!?
Try to beat on ultimate with a melee char then!

OK, what I meant was I beat the storyline on veteran lol

Just to prepare you for end-game, you either farm gear for your other (future) builds, farm gear to perfect your current build, go online and help others, or just see how fast you can smash Log into pieces.

I’m guessing your in the level 40-50 range, so you have a long ways to go before you reach end-game.