enemy DA reduction stacking?

Can anyone able to elaborate on this mechanic?

flashbang, belgothians carnage, markovians advantage, stonefist rebuke. etc, how do they stack/not stack?


They work in the same way resist debuffs work: they stack only if they are from different sources (casting the same skill twice won’t reduce twice as much DA) and if they are worded differently: for example, ‘20 reduced target’s DA’ would stack with ‘-20 DA’, but not with ‘30 reduced target’s DA’; in this case only the highest applies.
I’m on my phone right now so it’s a bit of a pain to go into much detail but I’ll get back to you this evening if necessary.

Actually, “-20 DA” stack with each other (akin to “-20% resistance”) from different debuffs, because those are “innate” effects of debuffs. On other hand, “20 refuced DA” is an exclusive debuff itself, so it doesnt stack with another “30 reduced DA” (cause buff is the same). Akin to “X reduced resistance”.

True, but as far as I remember Curse of Frailty is the only -xx DA debuff in the game, so it’s moot whether they stack or not.

Numerous item procs have it.