Enough lurking!

Hey! I’m Janet, just your average Grim Dawn fan, I can’t even recall what urged me to get it a while ago but I’m damn happy I did! I think I have about 300 hours right now, rookie numbers :o

I made an account here a while ago to snoop on your lore topics and maybe chime in (I didn’t) since I was making fan art of GD and the lore discussions really helped decide the themes or little details in the works I did.

Now that the new expansion is on its way I figured it’s time to join this nice community… properly! Hello :smiley:

Hello Gandalf / Janet,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

you mentioned fan art of grim dawn, i am curious what you have made :slight_smile:

You may find some people would be interested in your art. I can recall a couple recent posts asking why there wasn’t much in the way of fan art for GD.

Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here! :smiley:

And I did post it in a thread that was asking: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=515587#post515587

It might look familiar if you’ve visited Grim Dawn’s artwork section on Steam but I haven’t really posted it anywhere else… until now!

My artwork stuff might find a good home in this forum, methinks.

From a former lurker to another, hello Gandalf / Janet. Your GD art looks great & I hope you create more to be enjoyed here.

Thanks for the warm welcome, feels good to finally take part in the discussions, haha :smiley:

That’s pretty cool. Why didn’t you include the lightning ground effect in the finished version? I rather like it.

It was a mix of laziness and design choice, haha. I didn’t want to deal with reflecting the aether light on the character as well as the moonlight and hellhound fire rim light that I already used. But it’s waiting for another idea since I really like it too!

Welcome to the forum Gandalf. Nice to have another female here. :smiley:

Hell yeah, awesome <3