Enough of the chain-CC stuff

Getting repeatedly trapped/frozen with absolutely no cooldown immunity is bonkers. Spirit totems are already enough of a pain for a bleed build, being basically constantly denied any mobility at all because the hero summons all have the ability to freeze/trap and box you in with adds, and will do so one right after the other is a recipe for outright frustration.

That is why you need to get such resistances too :slight_smile:

I am level 34 and using whatever drops. If I don’t happen to get a lot of entrapment resistance on ROG, oh well? There isn’t any pot for trap like there is for freeze. I’ve yet to see components with trap resist even drop. I’ve got like, 2 Frozen Hearts and they don’t seem to be eager to drop.

you can buy frozen hearts in shops.
Trap res you need oleron chains in chest (level 35 component)
Devils crossing shoulders https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/580 also level 35.

what is this?

ROG = rolled on generation. Also “really odd gear” depending on who you ask. Basically, whatever you find/buy, no using alts to farm and transferring or stashing in stuff.

ok I have played ARPGs since 1999 and never heard that term :slight_smile:
I think SSF (Self solo found) is more common.

I hope you get some trap res soon. But why is this an issue for a bleed build? I did one some time ago and I had 0 issues with CC res. Sure it was PITA but it was manageable.

Otherwise, you can hope to craft some “of featherstep” boots or gloves with “of arcane might” or “of battlefury”

CC is a huge problem when 1. the totem summons multiple Skeletal Gargs/Monstrosities who can all do it one after the other 2. if you get trapped and surrounded by trash, then have AoEs dumped on you, you better cross your fingers that your pots, Wendigo Totem, Feral Hunger and whatever other lifesteal you have can keep you afloat long enough to winnow the trash and escape the trap to break off, regen and come back at the big guys and 3. when your only real ranged attack is DevSwarm kiting outside the range at which they can CC you is a delicate dance.

I do not understand why every spirit totem I’ve hit so far crutches so hard on gargs as a hero. Every time, at least 2 gargs, plus monstrosities, plus adds, and if I’m really unlucky there’s a few warlocks or a hero with a strong AoE that will add to the zone-of-death centered around my entrapped/frozen character.

Yeah, died a couple of times to spirit totems while leveling too. Does anyone expect a lvl 30-50 char to have all primary res and all CC res at respectable (~50%) level? Mage Hunters, for example, receive a bunch of resists from their skills alone, while some classes get none (any Demo, Occ, Shaman, Necro combo). Trap res is almost absent in constellations. Some items grant it, but in large amounts (Boots of Grey Magi from the top of my head). I’d rather have such resists on more items and devotions, but at lesser value.

I had initially some problems with Spirit Totems too when playing my Warder. But you won’t like my solution: I avoided these totems until I became a little stronger. Simple.

The biggest issue for me is that the moment I try to bring my strongest attacks into play I risk instantly tipping the fight against me irrecoverably if Feral, Wendigo and Blade Arc can’t ensure I have a clear egress to maintain mobility. I need to be able to get in, land a strong bleed, and move out of the way of a nasty melee nuke when a garg starts telegraphing it, and if the adds aren’t thin enough or I’m trapped/frozen, gg no re especially if I’m being subjected to CoF and powerful AoE.

The gargs and their ability to completely hose chances of egress is the one factor I have not been able to mitigate at low level. Every other kind of totem has a way for me to work around my limitations as long as I don’t overcommit. Any commitment when dealing with the possibility of a chain-CC gangbang is potentially an overcommit.

EDIT: Finally dinged 35, snagged the DC spaulders and NOW the merch has a green boots with Featherstep. Funny RNG. Very funny.

EDIT 2: And my first Chains of Oleron drop shortly after. RNG is a straight-up comedian.