The game has some great environments. This cave here is the one going into Burwitch, very nice, i pass though it so quickly most times I never really see how well detailed it is.

Later in the game i notice many of the environments rely heavily on colored filters for their ambience, or is it particle density and scattering effects? A little too heavy at times, makes the environments look muddy. Notable are the snow/fog on Asterkarn Road, and when you get close to the red rivers in Bastion of Chaos, and there are places in Steps of Torment and East Marsh that get saturated with these effects also, a few others.

Turning off weather in some cases helps(asterkarn), but others like Bastion it does not respond. A shame because there are nice specular effects that get washed out. They tone down if you get far from the apparent source, like the red rivers, or the gorge at the entrance to Steps, but is it jarring and hard to ignore when one is present. Any way to control these effects? Id prefer them to be off or at a much lower intensity.

Attachment: cave.jpg