Epic 2 handers, Where are you?

I’m level 60 and a few zones into elite and in that time I’ve had one and only one epic 2 hander drop. I have an entire vault of 1 hand melee and range but all the two handers I use as a shaman are crafted.

Am I missing something? And to add insult to injury the game hands me a legendary I can’t use when I kill the end boss.

Im a dual wield blademaster, the legendaries that i got are mostly 2handed swords, ranged weapon and offhanders. Lol

When you hit 70 and are revered with the legion, they sell a good sword if you went with electrical damage type. I just replaced it with a 2 handed axe (epic). It took 6 weeks. But I don’t play every day. But I went to 70 to 85 been 85 for a month a least finally yesterday I upgraded. Was getting a little frustrated with the drops.