Epic Compendium of Epic set Builds

Already added :wink:

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I actually tinkered with my Blind Assassin Infiltrator and sketched a Trickster pierce/bleed hybrid yesterday before I saw this post. Infiltrator version is pretty strong and Trickster looks interesting, some shaman support on the set would be cool.
Also have a Eastern sorc that looks interesting i’ll have to try out and post results :thinking:

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That sounds crazy :smiley: I hope it is working ok!

Best crucible run 5:17, average around 5:30
Cold/Lightning hybrid might be stronger but I really wanted to try out Attak Seru :smiley:

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Cold Spam ABB with Silver Sentinel - SR 75-76

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My Daega Sentinel killed Calla in 19mins… On Patch :sweat_smile: https://youtu.be/2LjVXh90OLo
GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E6mOnV

Eastern Oath Warlock: [] [HC] The White Mage - cold Devastation/TSS Warlock [vids] can do SR 65-66 reliably on HC


Here is my Myrmidon DK.
GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mmwem2
Alternative: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62amAGb2

Build designed at 1160, adapted to 1181, and goes without changes to 1191
Main concept idea is Myrmidon Strike granted skill + 100% WPS filling.
Build completes at least 150 crucible (170 with consumables) and 50 SR, cause i dont aim to any records. And more: it no green items.
Alternative spec used Cadence with maxed Deadly Momentum and bit better, but i dont like cause it lose reason to use Myrmidon Strike.

By the way, I’d seen similar build here on forum.


You think it would “perform” similar these days? I can add it if not too many great changes

Absolution relic got nerfed a bit and overall retal got nerfed a bit, Daega set on the other hand got some minor buffs iirc.

Has anyone used the full Dawnguard set? I’ve never seen it done, the helm, chest and arm was used in some lightning retaliation builds a while ago.

Valinov posted build here

Ah thanks I see it now, might try it. afnasenkov26 posted a Warder using 3 pieces a couple years ago, it was nerfed a bit. I still play it, pretty tough but slow now.

Thanks for having me in here @Ulvar1 :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


Thanks for joining!

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Deacons of the Deep technically uses an Epic set though not for the intended damage type so I am hesitant on if it should be included :man_shrugging:. As to what it can do - I have completed SR 65-66 with it, completed Gladiator 150 with it, killed Lokarr and Morgoneth. I’m confident the other Nemeses and roguelikes are doable as well.

Conversion items used: Conduit and Korvan Burning-Blade.

The Lion of Stuttgart is another old build I posted for Stonefather but looking back at it now, I heavily dislike how glassy it is, even after the Demo defense buffs, so again, hesitant on whether it should be included or not. Roman was still able to push it through Crucible 150-170 but he has pushed glassier things through so take that as you will.

Conversion items used: Gargoyle belt and Phoenix rings for global Pierce->Fire conversion.

As long as there are no item or skill changes that completely changes the build I include it :slight_smile: Say if build used some conversion item or conduit etc

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Watching to see if someone makes good with full Baldir’s set. Compared to other gear, there always seems to be a better FW or Judgment physical build. So it seems mediocre for both.

The conversion fire->physical doesn’t help FW but does help some Ok stuff…so maybe FW should be changed to another Ok skill boost, such as RF? There is enough FW spread around in other gear imho.

Soldier would still a good support class even without FW focus.

Baldir is Blade Arc, not FW IIRC. Waiting for Perdition set build, Rektbyprotoss had a sentinel in one of his videos I think, but didn’t post it on the forum.

fordprefect was planning to make one Baldir build. I think Blade arc + VM build iirc

Perdition set I think I have seen protoss builds yes, but I might remember wrong

Baldir is Blade Arc and Judgment build, I’ve made this theorycraft to see what kind of greens I might need but didn’t follow up. It’s still affixless, augmentless but it should be okay; the only problem is low physical resistance. Fixing the resistance overcaps and getting some DA from 3 greens and augments shouldn’t be hard. Though I’m busy with another idea rn so I even stopped finishing stormserpent one.

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