Epic Compendium of Epic set Builds

name Ulvar1 is the author of this compendium.

From the thread [Feedback] Uroborruk's Reaping Arc the almighty Z :zantai: hinted with this information regarding next patch (

So let’s adress this by making a new build compendium where we celebrate and hate on epic set builds :sweat_smile:

What is this?

This will be a community collection / challenge to make end game viable builds using epic sets! Perhaps this initiative could both trigger some nice builds and also provide some feedback about the sets!


Rule 1: Build must use an entire Epic set, that is not a set with only jewelry and have more than 3 pieces. This means that the following epic-sets are NOT eligible:

The Arcane Tempest - I make exception for this if the granted skill is used as main ability, i.e. not only for stats.

Elemental Harmony

Misery of Alkamos

The Magelord

The Paragon of Panetti

Oathbreaker’s Folly

Wanton Carnage

Note: you can use these items of course, but then you have to use another epic set as well, from the list of eligible epic sets below.

Note: I made these rules just to not ”bloat” the compendium with 18 builds using Magelord or Alkamos rings same with the aetherstorm set ring + amulet set.

Rule 2: The build must exists, i.e. no pure theory crafts.

Rule 3: Build needs to be ”playable” current patch. Can have been made in previous patches but with no major gear/skill/performance changes.

Rule 4: Besides using an entire epic set, you can use whatever items you want – GD stash like crazy or make a reasonable build – its up to you :slight_smile:

Sets that are eligible


Daega’s Oath

Baldir’s Regalia

Corruptor of Souls

Sharpshooter’s Duty

The Silver Sentinel



Luminari Regalia

The Augur

Callidor’s Defense

Mogdrogen’s Peace

The Unseeing Gaze


The Eastern Oath


Keeper of the Blaze

Myrmidon Bastion

Desecrator Covenant


The Stormserpent

How do I submit build?

No own thread for build is needed, you can just submit the GT link and the information about what content you can do with the build by writing in this thread :slight_smile: Try to write all information in one post, the same post that you post the GT link to. In that way it will be much easier for me to link to it in the compendium :slight_smile:

No need to provide video proofs etc, just mention what the build is able to do.

(in alphabetical order, excluding “the”)

If you know about more epic set builds, just post them below and I will add them :slight_smile:


Reserved post.

Thanks to @fordprefect for help with polishing this idea and his enthusiasm

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Nice, so I should update and retest my Witch Hunter and share the stormserpent one :smiley:

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how is bald build going?

Didn’t make it, maybe I won’t not sure.

I’ve made Flame Keeper build, I played Crucible successfully
with it but I didn’t test it properly (I mean get proper time) because
I was playing very badly then (instead of badly as currently :wink: )

Here’s a link I played: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23b3AqN

Here’s a link with untested new take on it with focus on Static Strike
and Lightning to Fire conversion: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDPGgkZ
(not sure if it’s better)

If someone test it better in Crucible / SR / makes more up-to-date build,
feel free to swap it out.

Here’s my thread with videos:


LOL. Love this post. Haha! As always, looks great! Looking forward to reading more posts here over time!

For Blazeseer I have every possible combo of 2 masteries that this set supports.
All with 2Handers because IOnlyPlay2hBuilds.

These are only theorycrafts though, not tested :frowning:
might need to think through adding them to compendium.

  1. Guardian / BWC / Reaping Arc Shieldbreaker
  2. Sigil / BWC / Oblivion Pyromancer
  3. Guardian / Sigil / Oblivion Sentinel

No pure theory crafts

No “GT BDs” :smiley:

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Totally fine by me :slight_smile: I missed it somehow in the rules.
This is a good motivator to test builds - getting them in the compendium

It is also rule in dragons compendium I think

I have some theory crafts myself that I wanna play one day

anyway, I know I have seen Blind Assassin builds and Daega set builds, but not recently… if someone know about them or any recenty updates let me know :slight_smile:

@Valinov has a magnificient Blind Assassin Spellbreaker
(look at the cooldown!). I’ve just asked him if he tested it.

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The build I was thinking about with blind assassin was a melee build that used one devotion I think it was bull rush to just proc like popcorn.

Hope build exists and is tested in game, looks fun

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both of these are faster on current patches with new items/tweaks. the infiltrator can push sub 5 pretty consistently when shadow strike focused or 5:15-5:25ish when beronath aa. The breaker can maybe push 5:30 at best.
I also made a neat hybrid trickster that was fun/solid. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrdRL32


I never got around to testing this… but Sharpshooter pally with silly GD stashed greens. On paper looks like a monster, but who knows. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkG0DlN

the augur + Pyran sorc https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYp7L4Z (old gt link. could use a bit of updating)

Lightning retaliation warder with Dawn shield https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V098daZ (not tested since reta nerfs, but doesnt look too badly hurt)

@Valinov what can unseeing gaze trickster and augur sorc do?

I kinda wanted this compendium to be like epic version of dragons compendium, but less strict in format and no “video proof” etc. But at least one sentence what stuff build has achieved is appreciated

trickster is ~5-5:20ish I cant remember the pyran one… its been since right after the augur set was added that I tested that… That was hundreds of builds ago lol

dawn rta guy was 5:30ish? cant remember exactly

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I guess I include them just because you are valinov :sweat_smile:

#1 GDstasher NA
I have a build somewhere that uses three full sets (two of which are blue) that was a 6min build

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