Error with experience gained

I’ve been playing and everything is going pretty well. Yesterday using the grin dawn stash I raised the character level to 50 and now the experience increase is very very low. Have I touched something I shouldn’t?

I don’t think so. At some point leveling becomes slow and can be speed up by going to the next difficulty. Also depends on monster levels in the area.

Assuming you used GDStash to raise your char level… you probably forgot one thing: set the exp value. Your char still have the same amount of exp like on level x that you changed using a tool. For example let’s assume you have 10 total exp and to level up you need 70. You raised char level to 50. To level up you need 573 240 total exp, but you still have only 10 total exp, not 466 354 (random numbers) hope you understand

Also if you’re running around in areas where foes are much lower than your character is they simply won’t give much, if any, XP when you kill them. Running around in Wightmire or Burrwitch Village at L50 isn’t going to gain you much XP because the foes are just too low level against yours. Nor are you likely to get Aether Crystals drop from the clusters at Burial Hill for example because you’re too high a level for them to drop.