Ex-TQ'er FINALLY starting to play

Howdy folks,

Californian here. I played TQ and IT for many years, backed GD on kickstarter the moment I found out about it…yet only have started playing now due to a lot of life stuff inconveniently getting in the way :eek:

Really excited to see that multiplayer is now supported so this will probably become a favorite for LAN parties at my place. Looking forward to years of more fun with the game!

Welcome to the forums and the game. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Hello Mournslayer and welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn!

Hey! What do you mean by ex? You’re still a TQ player. :wink: Enjoy having fun with its spiritual successor and welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the community and thank you for supporting the game we all love.

Make sure to update this thread and let us know what you think.