Excel list of Epics and Legendary (for collectors)

Hi Grim dawnians,

I am an Epic and Legendary collector.

I believe to have about 80% of the total uniques items… but the problem is that “about”.

At one point in Titan Quest someone shared an EXCEL file with the list of ALL the possible Epics and Legendaries available in the game. I found it particularly usefull to keep track of what I had and what I was missing.

Do you know if such a file exist already for GD? and if not I am sure that if I am not the only COLLECTOR we can kindly ask the Developers to share such a file…please devs :smiley: for you will take maximum 3 clicks :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I am using the really OLD system (pen and notebook) :rolleyes:

Attachment: gdItemsLocal.zip

There is a database already available


That doesn’t help in keeping notes for which items you have collected though.
@TC, I don’t know of such a list but you could make one yourself using this database.

I am pretty sure that with the modding tools it should be relatively easy to import all epics and legendaries into an excel file. I might have a go at it in the evening (at work right now), but I might as well be too distracted by reaching Ultimate :wink:

Alright so I just checked the wiki (work is really slow today), and as long as the list of unique items on the wiki is complete, I can provide a complete excel list this evening, with some extra stuff like percent of Items found etc.

I made a excel list a couple of years ago GD ITEMS

something like this you are looking for?

it isn’t up to date

Looks nice! Did you type in all the items by hand?

I sure did…

doesn’t really take that long to make to be honest, then again I have this list for 2,5 years now haha. updated it with every new patch and testpatch…

How do you keep your motivation up with having found literally everything and probably having tried every class and skill combination there is?

the first few weeks was trying to understand the game and the mechanics after that it was combining the classes to see which skills you could combine. During early access there was also a lot of testing in which you have to see what was overpowered and what was not working properly.

and yes I have made a countless amount of characters ~500 since november 2013, but for now I only use my strongest builds.

Currently I play the game with friends and help them to understand the mechanics and which skills/items etc are the best for that class.

what keeps me still playing this game is the innovation and the possibility to mod and make your own game and also the developers keep producing awesome new content :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for sharing! This was exactly what I was looking for!

And Congartulations for your collection! I am still far away from that ;-D

I have a more recent version, which is in the attached zip file. I created it with some Excel magic copying from Graceful Dusk about 6 months ago, so anything added very recently won’t be on it. There’s some strange stuff in it, so feel free to PM if you want to know why I did something a particular way. I left some personal stuff in it that probably won’t be useful and can be safely deleted. I didn’t clean it up for posting, I had given up on that. You probably would just want to copy the “Data” page and “Paste Values” with it, as it does lookups for Location and Rarity.

Not a spreadsheet, but then you do not need to track completion manually either :wink:

GD Stash can show you which items you have / miss when comparing the available ones to the ones you stored in it

I started working on a slightly more sophisticated excel spreadsheet, but it’s taking a bit more time. I gotta check out gdstash and gdmontags file first to see if it is worth the effort :slight_smile:

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