Exclusive bonuses for Weapon Types?

I know skills can be exclusive, but can they have multiple exclusives?

Say I wanted to make a passive that grants piercing damage to 2 handed swords, and grants attack speed to 1 handed swords? Is that possible?

Can’t be done without some workarounds. When you set a skill to have a weapon requirement,you get said buffs/passives from having any of those weapons equipped.

You could try spawning an invisible pet that casts buff 2 handed and then dies. Upon death invisible pet 2 spawns, casting buff 1 handed and then dies.
This is the only way I can think of to have a single skill activate two seperate buffs. It won’t be a passive but a buff with infinite duration is nearly as good, I’d say.

What about a skill chain? Could a passive or buff have exclusive chain-skills?

What do you mean by skill-chain? Do you mean modifiers, like firestrike-explosivestrike-staticstrike-brimstone? I suppose you could make explosive strike exclusive to 1h swords and brimstone exclusive to 2h weapons or something like that.