Expansion idea, playing as the opposite faction

Sorry if this idea had been posted, not been here for a while. But i noticed with the reputation idea if everything was reversed and perhaps you had to create a new character and started in the necropolis as the home base

Too complicated and too little gain. The Necropolis is huge so they would be wasting a large map at making a home base. They would also need to write a new plot to justify why you are there, write new dialogs, add new main quests, makes new faction items. It’s just not worth it.

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so the final enemy boss would be Hangman the Jarvis? Count me in for the kill! :cool:

Could be the main plotline for GD2 though. :smiley:

Tangential suggestion (so I apologize in advance):

What would be cool is if we played as agents of the gods in GD2 as they wage their war against ch’thon.

Would be cool to get some historical context as to how/why the grim dawn even occured.

E.g. We could maybe get to see the development of the witch gods, the tearing of the atherial rifts, etc. etc.