Expansion release date?

I hope this question isn’t crossing any lines, but please let us know a release date for the grim dawn expansion pack? So many theories, this winter! This summer! Tomorrow! But nobody really knows… I guess in a way I am asking the deva or admin to pass the message along to whoever can be heard… please let us know the expansion release date? It’s killing me… I need my necro so bad… that har after has been abused misused and neglected for so long…

Nothing too much to theorize about it. The general timeframe it will fall in can be seen from medierra’s own statements and then applying some basic logic.

They won’t be saying too much more than what has already been said. Its been a policy for quite a while now. Asking won’t improve those odds much either.

Besides, they probably don’t have a release date either beyond what I guesstimated based on my own knowledge. Development can go a lot of ways depending. They may have a “target” but at this far out yet, certainly not a set-in-stone date.

Your message has been received.

The release date is tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.

Your welcome.

‘Couple of months of work and QA testing’ seems to point to an end of year release, or even next year probably?

Great quality games require time. Hope it could come earlier though!

dont worry Diablo 3’s expac is almost here… . Should scratch your insatiable necro itch! :rolleyes: