Expansion scaling problems

I think the real problem is that devs misjudged the expansion scaling. New items are at best level 94, which are not much of an upgrade from base game levels. For ex, armor pieces at best upgrade about 500 armor per item, while bonuses don’t actually scale that much, almost about a numerical 1-2% increase i.e if the normal version gave 5% AS at max, the mythical version gives 7% AS at max. That’s sort of unbalanced compared to the scaling of the mobs themselves.

The base game should really have stopped at 70 instead, with the expansion being somewhat slightly bigger, with a 100 cap. That would have allowed for a gradual increase in difficulty with much more powerful items addressing the difficulty scaling. At this point however, any enemy you meet that you cannot defeat is very likely improperly scaled, however it’s very difficult to adjust that formula simply because of the comparably insignificant 15 level increase to level.

I’m not particularly facing many problems, but that’s again because of a highly optimized gear, devotion and skill build, but that’s not the case for everyone, especially new players. The new factions somewhat make up for gear requirements since the new gear they offer is actually amazing, but again somehow you have failed to provide alternatives for gear such as legs and boots that we actually need to provide much needed resistances that were available through the Witch God MIs.

I’m not saying that there aren’t alternatives, but considering that most builds pre-AOM used the Witch God MIs or craftable alternatives for the legs and boots slot, you really should have used the new factions to provide alternatives for those items, instead of once again, having to farm higher level versions of those MIs. Nothing has improved in terms of itemization with respect to the specific requirements that those MIs fulfill i.e resistances along with valuable other affixes such as ADCTH.

A good solution would be an improvement in itemization offered by the new faction’s vendors, with perhaps a small reduction in difficulty with changes afterwards depending on feedback.