Expansions need the all?

I just bought Grim Dawn and now see that there are two new expansions. Do i have to buy them also to play?, think it’s alot if i need to buy 3 games “just” to play a game

You don’t NEED to buy them but if you enjoy the game I can certainly recommend doing so

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, don’t need the expansions to enjoy the game. If you’re not sure you’ll like it then just play the base game and take it from there. The expansions do add more acts, items, masteries, factions, etc, but even if you have them they’re optional to play ingame. And they’ll be on sale again in the future if you want to wait.

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Would be more than a little weird if that’s how it worked. All of us who owned it before the expansions even existed would have been screwed if we couldn’t even play it without expansions that didn’t even exist yet.

Awesome thanks.
So far i like it alot :slight_smile:
I can see it will take some time to get itno, so will probebly have many hours before i need to but the otheres :smiley:

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