Experience bonus

I just thought of a missing feature that I did not notice in the game; for example, if a villager was doing a specific task for a long time, it makes sense that they would be experienced in doing it, and it should provide some sort of experience bonus over time? Someone working in a sawmill for 5 years will produce a lot more than someone who just started. Would make the game even more realistic I think


I’ve thought about this a bunch too and it might be a worthwhile system to explore in the future. It would still keep the core component of the game that anyone can do anything, there’s just little production bonuses and incentive to keep villagers alive. There already is a similar mechanic (though bare bones) with the school requiring a teacher who has certain skills. This would add some really cool late game management as people start to die of old age. Though I guess the school is meant to simulate this, it would be really neat for it to have a specific mechanic around it. When i get that notification a soap maker has died after 15 years, I should be like uh oh my soap production is going to dip!

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