Experiences with DW Ranged Infiltrator (Dagallon's Set)?

I rarely level characters to the maximum - usually because I lose interest around level 60 or so. :smiley:
However, I’ve been playing around with Will of Fate and its hidden bonus of passing through enemies a lot.

One thing I’ve noticed is that skills like Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Primal Strike, Fire Strike etc. proc every enemy that the bullet passes through, so I’ve decided to start leveling a few characters centered around this.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that there’s a chance - when dual-wielding pistols - that Amarasta’s Blade Burst will be used twice in a row, ignoring the cooldown entirely (but still costing energy as you’d expect). It doesn’t always happen, so I’m guessing it’s just whenever the default attack would be a dual shot.

Sooo… long story short: Dagallon’s Set also features bullets passing through enemies. I’d imagine that dual-wielding plus proc on every enemy that’s passed through will lead to massive amounts of blade novas being released. It may not be ideal, since the weapons are fire and lightning, instead of cold damage, but with the elemental damage and resistance reduction from an Inquisitor plus perhaps Shard of Beronath to use while Amarasta’s Blade Burst is recharging, I could imagine this being quite effective.

I didn’t find a Dagallon’s Set Infiltrator build in the build compendium, so: Has anybody tried this? If so, what are your experiences with this build?

Passthrough goes away for the most part in the upcoming patch.

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Welcome to the most fun and/or broken mechanic in the game!

Last question first, no, you won’t find much for dagallon infil using abb because as you’ve noticed, the gear to support a concept is lacking. Even getting abb to all cold damage in ranged is hard/not possible, and going acid infil would be poopy too.

The common places passthrough weapons are used in the live patch are firestrike and primal strike. Firestrike has dagallon pistols and desolater (and will of fate but that doesn’t really see use), while primal strike is with a converted to lightning vortex of souls.

In the upcoming patch, assuming it holds, there are big changes coming to ranged, with the innate passthrough guns losing that feature (but getting more damage/speed in trade off) while 1 weapon pool ranged skill in each class in getting innate passthrough instead. Overall greatly increases the amount of useful ranged weapons as right now it’s dominated by passthrough guns.

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Oh. Thank you - I wasn’t aware of those plans. That changes everything of course, good to know.