Explorer Gear

What is the idea behind this set? It seems deceptively powerful, it was useful well after its level 20 requirement. Being that it does not have any empowered version I wondered if it was just to accelerate subsequent runs through the early game, but it is wearable just a little to late to really speed up the outskirts/warden part, which is really where it would do that best. There seems to be a lul in momentum between lv 14 and 20 till you finish the warden.

So whats the intention behind it? Does it have crazy potential to somehow multiply with other things to be a really powerful Pikachu outfit? On one thread someone said there is no empowered version “for obvious reasons”. Not extremely obvious, not yet at least. Exp boost have something to do with it?

Pretty much what you said, level up the next char faster imo. There used to be an empowered version, it was removed.

^ Can someone link a screenshot or site with the stats of the empowered version, please?

Yeah, just wishing it was a lv14. Immediate access on reaching epic able level 14 would be, well…epic. That long stretch from DC to Burwich is the part that gets beat to death the most for me, and from some things i read others say, but also wondering if it had clever unapparent usefulness in later levels. Resists are always good i imagine, and 5% exp is 5%.