Extra loading screen tips for newer players

Just a thought I had: a question that comes up frequently by newer players is how to attain certain devotion setups.
The system has a learning curve but what apparently isn’t very obvious is that completed constellations can sustain themselves.

A loading screen tip along the lines of “A completed Devotion Constellation may sustain itself if Affinity permits.” could help clear that up.

Related to this, people that don’t follow guides sometimes have builds that are all over the place and get frustrated because they’re too weak.
Similar to the Mastery Bar loading tip, another one that could help is [b]“Focusing on one or two core skills early may be a key to success.”

[/b]There’s probably more stuff, feel free to add your own.

+1. I don’t really read them anymore but some significant things a new expansion/big patch adds/changes could be useful.

+1. What I feel should be on there:

  1. Order of defenses
  2. The IMPORTANCE of oa/da
  3. Types of cooldown reductions.
  4. Flat damage vs. % damage
  5. %Mainhand damage vs. %Weapon damage - on this note, a more detailed explanation of skills like LA or deadly momentum (the phrasing ‘affects all skills’ is extremely misleading.)

I am a new player, and I endorse this message! :slight_smile: Moving from one-point-in-lots-of-things to piling points into Cadence, Menhir’s Bulwark, and Deadly Momentum made a big difference for my commando.

Not sure what “guides” you speak of, though. I have the New Player Knowledge Compendium and ForgottenKane’s Hardcore Survival Guide in tabs that I refer to frequently, and several build threads as well. But builds generally say little or nothing about leveling, and in general the leveling advice I see on this forum is what I consider nonsensical gibberish - “To play $BUILD that uses $SKILL_1, level by ignoring $SKILL_1 and using $SKILL_2 that is not used at all in $BUILD. Then do a complete respec to switch to the actual build near level cap.” Nope, that’s insane, not gonna do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems a bit detailed for loading screens. But I’m unaware of #3 and probably #5. Not entirely sure what you mean for the latter, but the implication is that Deadly Momentum isn’t doing as much for me as I think… Maybe expanding on the New Player Knowledge Compendium would be a good approach?

My own suggestion to the topic would be something like “A tactical retreat can allow your Constitution to heal you during combat.” In general getting the hang of moving and fighting can be a bit of a hurdle for those of us used to WASD RPGs.

W.r.t how detailed my suggestion was - you’re probably right. I’m just the kind of person who requires a lot of clarification before making a decision.

I shall attempt to expound on #3 & #5.

For #3: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68791&page=3

But in short, there are 3 kinds of CDR. X% CDR; -X seconds CDR (e.g. aeon’s); Y% chance to reduce X% CDR.

For #5: The flat damage component of skills like LA and DM only affect skills with a %weapon or %mainhand component.

P.S. - Feel free to add me on steam (sir spanksalot) or to PM me here if you want more clarification on the extremely layered game which is GD.

Saw few players asking about how to see full item description, that suggestion fits thread title so I will add it here:

Suggestion for updating/adding Tip/QuickTip with info about scrolling down for full item descripion.