Eye of Reckoning Energy Issues

Hello Folks!

I’ve been running a Warlord build which essentially runs lvl 26 Eye of Reckoning.
I’m Using the Standard class Auras and 2x Seal of Might and the ability to sustain the required energy on Eye of Reckoning is simply put: Impossible.

These is my energy pool as well as the Energy cost (Max Attack speed)

Now due to the way that Energy leech works (scaling with weapon damage %) it is not worth to put points out of the spell (whilst is also a hilarious damage loss)
I’ve gotten to the point where I’m using

(Hammerfall Powder, Presence of Virtue lvl 20 (!!!).
Combined with 3 Sources of Energy Leech, namely Revenant first node, Viper and Arcane Spark.
Seal of Annihilation.

As soon as i hit a single-target encounter is suffer huge downtime and gameplay-issues - even using Royal Jelly energy extract thingy + mana pots won’t let me sustain the hilarious amount of energy this spell demands of you.
Not to mention, It’s a melee spell - so investing that much into Energy Regen just to make it “playable” is an immense loss on the defensive site (due to the availability of possible energy sources).

Will this be changed in an future update?

Harp and Scythe first node are your friends on that one. I tried a Warborn EoR build myself and it was tight onenergy but it worked out as long as I stopped every few secs to regenerate. I used a build from the fg theorycrafting thread: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=706334&postcount=46

You should rather try to fix this issue in your build. I had the same issue with Obsidian Tremor, where there was no way for me to use it properly as it always had 40cost/sec and I could not even kill a regular boss without using a mana potion, then I only swapped one item and everything became way better. I personally don’t see any reason for this skill to be changed/lowered cost, because it just has 66.7 mana cost per second at level 26/16 without any attack speed bonus, which, for a caster, is not high.

if you have 700 energy after toggles, it is kinda your own fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Three of life devotion also helps me sustain the energy costs :slight_smile:

Even without toggles i cant reach the mana potion cooldown timer.
I tried harp, spirit makes me lose so much da i cant simply survive.
The Toggles i run are basic field command, presence of virtue, two seal of might.
Even double ectoplasm doesnt fix the problem all to well.

Ive been doing a lot to fix my build without losing out too much on DA.
Arcane lens, viper, revenant pick up are three energy leech sources. Spirit i cant pick up cause survivability.
I added 3x hammerfall powder (4,5) flat eRegen.
Incorruptible cronley ring of mediation (5 mana eRegen)
Presence of virtue lvl 20 is about cant remember 10-15 eRegen.

All im saying is, that the build now has had 3-4 different iterations made by brainstorming of several high expertised players and we came to the conclusion that the invest ratio just to get the spell running is simply put: a huge blockade.
Thats mostly cause of the way that energy leech is being multiplied by weapon dmg % multis and lets be honest here if 3 sources of energy leech on a non caster class can’t keep your energy at reasonable levels, thigs become odd. Dont they?

I get that energy issues can be an approach towards balancing and im fine with it for as long as they are fixable with a reasonable investment. But in this state, the gamemechanics synergies have difficulties with the spells design compared to the given solutions for a class that revolves around melee fantasy (warborn - soldier - oathkeeper)

Solutions would be have energy leech scale with attack frequency too or reduce flat dmg, increase weapon % or just hit the energy cost itself?

Let me know what you think.