Eye of Reckoning movespeed

In regards of modding, Eye of Reckoning movespeed has a limit. What I mean is, when using the skill it can’t move faster than around +230% character run speed. No matter if I add more % movespeed to the skill or to the character, the game simply doesn’t let me move faster. It seems like something not intended.
So I would like to see a fix that remove that limit so when making mods I can put whatever speed I want.

Edit: To solve that is as simple as to bind the skill to a number on your skill bar, and it will move as fast as your character movespeed without lag.

As weird as it sounds, when using the skill with your mouse, it can’t move faster than around 200% movespeed and it lags the game.

Actually it’s totally intended.

1st February 2019 stream:
“Zantai on EoR scaling: EoR scales with AS, its movement scales with run speed.”