Eye of Reckoning not affected by Lifesteal?

Lifesteal seemed to be very effective on my Purifier and Blademaster. I was in the mood for some spin to win action, so figured I’d try the Oathbreaker for once, but I noticed any lifesteal / leech stats wheter its from the gems, or rings or even on weapons, the lifesteal does not seem to affect Eye of Reckoning. Is this intended, or am I just doing something wrong? Surely I am overlooking something?

It works of your Weapon Damage on the skill. That’s 28% on EoR 16.
So only 28% of your damage dealt is counted to lifesteal (I don’t know WD value on a EoR 26, probably something like ~35%). But this is AOE skill, so you should notice it when get into pack of mobs (each one counts, multiplying your lifesteal value).
p.s. for skills dealing more than 100% weapon damage it’s not multiplied to get higher.

both my rings are attack dmg converted to health, and I put a hollowed fang on weapon… additionally I use Blooddrinker skill, an on-use CD with a 8 second duration of +20% lifesteal. With over 30+% lifesteal, even during AoE situations with huge packs of mobs, my health literally doesn’t budge. I am confused. My Purifier with very minimal lifesteal gets topped off instantly, same goes for my Blademaster.
Was trying to see if any skill or stats negatively negated lifesteal, but I doubt such a thing exists in Grim Dawn’s itemization.

I don’t want to fully commit to a Eye of Reckoning build untill i can make this work. It has to be me doing something wrong, somehow.

Well, EoR is not an auto attack replacer, it is its own skill.
So the question is, HOW MUCH Weapon Damage % do you even have on the current build?
At 16/16 EoR, it is 28%, so you should divide that nice % lifesteal by about 4 to find out the real value. If you have 20% that is in turn only 5% lifesteal, a bit less actually since it is rounded down. It is all about that % Weapon Damage when calculating lifesteal but also flat added damage and some other core mechanics.