Fabius 60 Runs Data

[EDIT]: Here is a more updated summary of this data along with some other runs: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38582

Hello all,

I recently posted a thread about doing 100 runs of the Shrine of the Forgotten God, and so I decided I’d do another, but this time with a more popular run - Fabius. Everyone seems to recommend Fabius, so I decided I’d quickly farm Nemesis rep and then run him.

Run Details:

  • Similar build to the one in my previous thread, but with more points in Anatomy of Murder for the damage to humans (previous thread is here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37943)
  • Again, I stop to pick up rares, epics, legendaries, components of all rarities and also rare materials (although they weren’t a large part of this run and so were not recorded).
  • A run consists of spawning at Devil’s Crossing, porting to Old Arkovia, running through the Hanneffy Mine (checking all Fabius spawns), running up to Cronley’s Hideout, running through that, checking spawns by Arkovian Foothills rift, then finally back to Devil’s Crossing, running to where Edmund Shanks spawns to check the final spawn. NOTE: As soon as I have found and killed Fabius, I will stop my run there. The above is just the path I take to find him. I quit to desktop every 3 runs to reset.
  • I will usually skip all heroes on my way, as they take too long to kill (this is a result of the buff that yellow Skirmishers have, not because my build is slow to kill). Also, this run is primarily to see how good the Nemesis trove drop rate is. However, I did kill Boris when I saw him holding an Empowered Immaterial Edge… twice.
  • It takes 20 - 60 seconds for my build to kill Fabius. It’s far from optimal, but I’m farming for a reason :smiley: I replaced 2 items from these runs.


Observations from running Fabius:

  • Most of the iron was made from selling greens.
  • Fabius often spawned with an epic weapon (1 Empowered Madness, 1 Fist of the Blind Assassin, 2 Razor(s) of the Blind Assassin). This contributed nicely.
  • The fluctuation in run time is a result of getting either really good luck (Fabius spawning near the beginning of the run), or really bad luck (vice versa).
  • Fabius always dropped his shoulder armour, and dropped 30 Pauldrons vs 24 Shoulderguards (I sold the first 6 by mistake).
  • I also got 12 Cronley’s Warrants, and 3 Tonics of Clarity.

Comparing the epics / legendaries / blueprints / iron per minute with the Shrine of the Forgotten God runs:


Shrine of the Forgotten God:

As one can see, Fabius yields more Epics and Legendaries, but fewer Blueprints (this may be a result of me learning all new blueprints and so fewer in the drop tables, however) and fewer iron, not to mention a lack of rare materials.

However, if one were to turn all the iron and rare materials earned from the Shrine runs into Legendaries, the results per minute for Shrine looks like this:

[EDIT]: I’ve updated the data below by accounting for the cost of turning rare materials into legendaries:

So, all in all, although Fabius drops legendaries straight away, Shrine will yield more legendaries if you turn the materials and iron into legendaries in Tyrant’s Hold.

Either way, they both yield a decent quantity of loot.

P.S. Shoulder Armour (and character page 1):

Attachment: Character Stats.jpg
Attachment: Fabius Results.png
Attachment: Shrine Legendaries 1.png
Attachment: Shrine Legendaries 2.png
Attachment: Fabius Results per minute.png

You are “shouldering” a lot, nice job on the data

Derp hive next although nothing would compare to trove or nemesis in farming other than challenge dungeons

Thanks! If you want Derp hive next, make sure to vote it so that I can easily see what the popular opinion is.

I’m definitely not willing to run SoT or BoC, not because of the requirement of the Skeleton Key but because my build is slow and not completely certain of itself - my first Ultimate BoC took a good 30 mins and stressed me out far too much.

This is good data. I love data. Thanks a lot for recording and sharing this.

Nice work! I’m a scientist so I LOVE seeing data to back up theories! This is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do the runs! Seems like the troves and turning in the rare mats really help boost the legendary rate.

I have a question about your poll, what consists of a “twin falls” run? Is that just the over world or does it involve Arkovian Undercity and or the hive?

I port into twin falls for my Arkovian Undercity runs. I check the two over world spot for Moose and then hit the AU killing the four bosses and seeking out the treasure trove (also looting sarcophagus by 1st floor boss as I’ve had elites drop from it). Seem to find Moose on the run around 70% of the time too… Usually takes me 10-15 minutes to run on Elite depending on where the trove is and if Moose pops. I’m also not a very fast clearer… Not sure how popular that run is but I would be interested in seeing some data. With the troves and a possibility for a nemesis, plus 4 bosses I would think it could be fairly lucrative as far as drop rates…but I guess the amount of time for the run could be an issue… Even on elite I got most of my legendries that way and not all from Moose.

A friend and I run twin falls, but we only did the bee spawns up to the hive and hive itself (hero rates in this area are crazy high).

Edit: BTW, I love these threads. I would like to see lesser run areas at some point. Maybe Warden’s lab, or Cronley’s hideout would be good places to try next?

Thanks a lot for all this data!

Also, why are you exiting to desktop every so often?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to collect this data. Few things to note though: when you turn in the rare materials for Legendaries, you spend 75k+8 rare materials+ 1 Polished emerald, so you need to subtract the value of Irons and Rare materials from the final result table. Also, you need the dynamite and Polished emerald, so you must take into account the time needed collecting those two.

This is to reset RNG seed I think.

As another scientist (graduate-student-data-analyzing-slave) I approve of this data collection. Cheers for the hard work.


I don’t know if it has an effect, but I’m just basing it off the fact that ClosetChemist did it from the TQ farming days, and hey - if it doesn’t do anything, I haven’t wasted much time.
(original thread: http://www.titanquest.net/tq-forum/threads/17981-Arcane-Formula-Farming-Data)

You know, I was considering both of these things. Subtracting 88 rare materials and 825k is something I should have done, but was too lazy to do :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll update it shortly - you’re right, for a proper comparison, I should do so.

With obtaining dynamite, again, true - some people will already have lots so it won’t be a consideration for them (I’m on ~120 after my Fabius runs), and the time taken is actually quite small - port to Warden’s Laboratory, run backwards, and you can get around 10 Aether crystals in a minute or two (which equates to 10 Dynamite). I also won’t bother factoring in Polished Emeralds, Searing Ember and Scavenged Plating as I have hundreds - and I usually complete a Polished Emerald or two per 10 Shrine runs anyway. Thank you for the feedback though, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I myself am a very mathematical person, and have a penchant for statistical data, so it was a pleasure to provide it to the community! :smiley:

I myself do not know what a ‘Twin Falls’ run would actually entail - it’s mentioned an awful lot by people without an actual description. In my eyes, it’d probably just be the hive as the hero density in the Arkovian Undercity is actually less (from personal experience) than it is in the hives - if heroes are the main purpose of the run.

The thing with running the Arkovian Undercity is the Nemesis - I assume the Nemesis Troves have similar drop rates (with the exception of Kymon’s / Death’s Vigil), so this data wouldn’t be new. However, if lots of people would want me to run AU, I would - the other point being as you said, the runs are much longer, and so the data would be smaller.

Thanks again, everyone, for your feedback, suggestions and kind words!

What I find interesting:

I did A TON of runs to the Shrine of the Forgotten God, where finally no blueprints dropped anymore. Not even seldom anymore, but never.

As well I did a lot of Valdaran Runs, with extremely few receipe drops and finally none.

Now I started the first time doing Fabius with my saboteur (my other chars were not capable to kill him) and all of a sudden I got 3 blueprints out of 10 runs. 2x relics (like Agrivix’s Malice) and 1 one other crafting thing.

So it seems like fabius drops some blueprints exclusively (or him and other nemesis, I dont farm), which are not available in troves. I didnt know this.

/edit: next Blueprint relic primal instinct

Thanks for the consideration! It was just a suggestion, I’m happy seeing any data! Beggars can’t be choosers as they say. :smiley:

You are correct that the Nemesis troves would not be new data, nor would the other treasure troves. However, the Nemesis is not a guarantee to spawn so he is more of a “bonus”. I believe over 1/2 of his known spawn points are on that run. So from my “feeling” as I did not collect the data, he’s there a lot more than he is not.

Nomos, Laudus and Rhovena are all guarantee spawns that drop grand spoils instead of heroic and Kilrain drops supreme spoils. I guess I didn’t look into it, but I would assume they would have better drop rates than heroic spoils. I usually find 3-7 other heroes on a typical run too (going past the hive). I though the combination would yield more loot which would compensate for the increased time.

I think I’ve seem more people farming AU for Kilrain’s souls, ectoplasms and corspe dust and not really loot. I was just curious how the loot compared as there are a number of sources to drop nice items and from my perception (again to actually data to back it up), it seemed to be pretty good hauls.

Again, was just a suggestion. I appreciate you sharing any data you collect no matter the run! :slight_smile: Especially as I’m too lazy to collect it myself… :smiley:

Have you thought about not reading BP’s so the drop rate is not affected? The restriction on BP drops is only if you’re learned it already correct? Not if you have it in your INV?

I’m up for running other things - trying to farm Kilrain’s Souls and his MI would definitely be something I’d consider - and you are right, there are a few guaranteed heroes / bosses on the way. Again, if other people here are for that, I’d be happy to run it. It is funny though that the last few times that I’ve run AU, I’ve always had a Kilrian’s Soul drop - without fail. It’d be interesting to see how the actual drop rate develops over a few runs.

Yes, I have - however, I once didn’t read a BP for Sapphire of Elemental Balance, and got a duplicate BP the very next run. Primarily, I did these runs for the loot myself - I am actually lacking in quite a lot of legendaries and decent epics, and I’d rather get fewer BPs if it means that I get new recipes over repeats. This does mean, however, that the BP count will definitely be skewed by me learning them, and so that particular piece of data should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Also, you can have a BP in your inventory and still get a duplicate. It happened in the situation described above.

I don’t have a ton of time to farm, so I’ve been trying to hit up the trading threads to help obtain my gear… I’ve been only reading BP’s when I need to craft the item and don’t mind getting dups of some so that I can use them in trade… Personal preference I’d say…

I must be doing something wrong. Your avg. is 1 kill per 3.3 mins. Setting the kill time aside (I note you say 20-60seconds on this), just running to half of the spawn points takes me longer than that.

Do you have some crazy run speed or something?

135% move speed (which is max), along with shadow strike.

It’s all about averages - I don’t run all the spawn points, only as many as I have to until I see Fabius. Sometimes, he is in the first spot, lowering the average, and sometimes the last. Also, I ignore most heroes so I can get to Fabius faster. Some approximate times to reach the spots are:

End of Hanneffy Mine: 45 - 60 seconds
Up to Cronley’s Hideout: 120 seconds (this is total time, not time from Hanneffy’s)
End of Cronley’s Hideout: 240 seconds
End of run: 360 seconds (6 minutes).

Most of the spawns I get are before the end of Cronley’s Hideout (after Cronley’s, there are only 2 more places he can spawn). This is probably why my time is rather fast.

You also have to take account of the selection factor. Since most people are looking for specific Legendaries, getting them is more likely via the blacksmith (where you chose the item type) than via random drops from nemesis chests.

Thank you, my friend, finally someone had the guts to say it. I find the optimal character of Fabius farming to be a myth that has been spread due to at least three reasons:
(1) It’s easy to stack +% damage to humans from Anatomy of Murder and gear.
(2) The popularity of Blademasters.
(3) Jajaja’s massively popular " Fabius Kill 1 nanosecond" videos.

In reality, farming Fabius is not something you want to do in Ultimate Hardcore because he might “add a notch” and that means sudden death if you don’t have 3000 DA and physical resistance.

For casters, at least, farming Killrian is better, since he doesn’t have an universal loot table. Farming SoT is even better as you have the Death Room (1/5 chance), Ilgorr + Alkamos and Moosilauke (sometimes).

Items created by Etram Fald have also +% energy regen and mostly better rolls (I can post pictures for comparison) - and this is massive for warlocks and sorcerors because it allows you to take points from IEE and put them somewhere better.

True… somewhat.

The materials from trove farming are random, and for all intents and purposes, we will suppose random (so brain:blood:heart is 1:1:1). IF you don’t convert them, you’ll be limited to the number of each type (even if you can choose caster weapon over melee, etc.)

Of course you can always change the type of material using the fellow in the Necropolis, however, it’s costly (5 - 10k depending on whether you need to change the type once or twice), so you may not have enough money to do so.

I will definitely agree that the Troves are very beneficial when it comes to legendaries, and yes the benefit of choosing is awesome, but it’s also quite costly to transmute your materials.

And besides, I’m simply providing the data for the sake of you lot to interpret. This kind of thinking and discussion is exactly what I wanted.