Faction choices for most Nemesis/Enemies

Hi there,

i’m on Ultimate now and directly before the Anasteria choice and i’m not sure if it’s worth it… is it? (i have the highest rank and i could stack stuff - so no problem)

=> my charakter is supposed to beat Nemesis and i want the best variety of them

The other thing is, i started playing the addon and i want to know if it’s also worth it to get hostile with the barrowholm faction (i dont need their stuff - i think i go hostile anyway, but i still want to know that)

So thx for your help :slight_smile:

PS: i went friendly with both of the factions in Veteran and Elite - if that is necessary

Only reason to go Nemesis with Anasteria is to farm her legendary hood. Besides that, there’s really no reason to go Nemesis because her augments kick ass.

Barrowholm is different since if you side with them, you get to fight the Ravager. Go against them and you get to fight the Reaper of the Lost instead.

Yeah, but i can stack her stuff before… and yes her auguments are great… => can i access her “dungeon” if i only went hostile on ultimate with her?

Damn… without too much spoiler… which one is better for me when i play a lot sodier, occultist and necromancer?

I have another char, friendly, on max rank with them… but not the best bosskiller… (lack the items for that)… if that was no problem i would go hostile with them on this second char without hesitation…

but fighting 15min on one nemesis sucks…