Farming Fertilization unevenly

I guess it’s not, at least there are a lot of complaints about it. I personally don’t use it and I have no issues with crops fertility

Not sure how it was before 0.8.3, but personally me I’m able to run 3k town with 32 8x12 fields.

I have more issues with smokehouse, for some reason it doesn’t work. Most of my smokehouses producing around ~120 production only when there is plenty of meet is spoiled every year.

I try to use 12 x 12 with 7 farmers as much as possible for my fields, both because it seems to make maximum use of the farming population and a ‘standard’ makes it easy to figure requirements. 10 of them normally feed a 1k population pretty handily.

Smokehouses - an entirely different problem. It seems that no matter how many smokehouses I build and how much meat I produce from hunters, cows, etc. a percentage of the meat ALWAYS spoils. I swear I could have a smokehouse right next to every hunter and some of the meat would still manage to spoil before it got smoked.

I have come to the conclusion that there is simply a built in Spoilage Factor between hunter/barn and the smokehouse, and no possible number of smokehouses or their placement can avoid it.

I haven’t had issues with meat spoilage since I moved my smokehouses near firewood splitters, and haven’t cared about proximity to fishing/hunting shacks and barns.

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Ho! Never even thought about that, but Firewood is the other requirement for Smokehouses, so that should cut the ‘downtime’ for the smokehouse workers and increase the efficiency.

And it helps that Firewood Splitters and Smokehouses are both negative Desirability, so they should both be kept away from residences if possible.

I will definitely have to re-arrange my usual production layout in my next run . . .

It happens because barns produces too much meat in short amount of time. I placed smokehouse with full firewood splitter + cellar + barn combo and it’s only able to handle around 300-400 meat per season. Everything else is being spoiled because meat is located in houses all around.

Barns IMO should not kill all excessive population in such short amount of time

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