Farming items question

I am new and wondering if farming items for my build has to be some places or any items can drop anywhere? I got deathknight and want to farm [Mythical Tremor] or [Mythical Stonefist Rebuke] but not sure where to farm them.
Also qustion- if some items droping in some areas, what is the point to farm elsewhere?

Thanks, but I cant find there if certain items have to be farmed from certain bosses/ monsters?
If my items drop only in 2 or 3 areas, there is no point for me to farm whole map. Or am I missing something?

Most items in the game are random drops so could appear anywhere. A few MI’s (Monster Infrequents) drop from specific bosses/heroes which can be farmed, but that’s about it.


If in doubt where to get a certain item, you can always take a look at the item database on grimtools.

If an item drops from specific monsters or is sold by specific vendors, you’ll find that information on grimtools. Here’s an example of an item, that can only be obtained from certain enemies.

If the db entry doesn’t say anything like “dropped by…” or “sold by…”, it means that the item is a random drop you could get anywhere.

Thanks very much, it helps