Farming mythical spellgaze helmet

Hi all
I am trying to finish off my PRM mage hunter and have only 1 piece left to find … the mythical spellgaze headgear.
He’s already lvl 100 and finished MC, so he’s not really struggling.

I’m using another toon to farm NORMAL SR 65-70 and getting good quantity of blue & purple drops and usually 2 recipes per run. (Normal just because it’s easy and fast). But the mythical spellgaze helm is a level 84 item, not 94, and the drops are primarily lvl 94. (I know … first world problems! :smile: )
Wondering if I should be dropping into lower level shards to increase the chance of the helm (or its recipe) dropping.
Anybody know if that will increase the chances? And if so, suggestions on shard levels?
Or just keep running it and eventually RNJesus will run out of other recipes.

Just keep playing till it drops, it being level 84 doesnt matter when it comes to droprate.