Farming Necromancer's Deathgrips

Hey, everyone.

I’m currently doing a build that calls for the Necromancer’s Deathgrips, and I had a couple of questions about how to go about it.

I’m currently level 55 and on Elite difficulty. I’m at about the right level range to farm it, so it seems, but Elite is harder for legendary farming than Ultimate. However, I’m more likely to overlevel the Deathgrips if I wait until Ultimate.

So should I try to farm it in Elite, where I’m in the right level range, or should i wait until Ultimate, where I’m more likely to actually find legendaries?

Thank you for your time.

You can still drop lvl 55 once you are at Ultimate.

Also you have a free legendary when you kill Log

The Nemesis Chest in Elite drop lvl 60 and around stuff (high chance for those level 55 / 58) so you might want to max your character and once you are at the point to farm for specific BiS item go back to those Nemesis. They will offer you the chance to rack some Warrant at the sametimes for your future characters and pick some easy Blueprint along the way. Doing Moosie / Faction pick / Aetherial / Fabius can be a pretty fast run if you are half-lucky with your spot decision (like getting Aetherials on the first set of map you decide to look for him)