Farthest Frontier 0.8.2 + 0.8.2a + 0.8.2b

Hope you guys can do something to hide the upgrade icons. I don’t want all buildings to be maxed upgrade. and I want the soldier to be able to retool itself with things that break when deployed

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My hunters always run away from boars, several patches in a row have to put watchtowers

Working as intended. Hunters will not hunt boars unless you command them to. There’s even a tooltip that says that when you start a new town.

Press f2 to fix it

i just want to hide the upgrade icon but not all

Will flatten land issues be addressed as well ? It make no sense for me to doing it block by block but still not flat …

Hotfix going up shortly:


  • Fixed an issue where villagers would continue performing their task even if it resulted in them starving to death. Villagers once again correctly seek food.

Keep up the great work. Thank-you
Is it possible to do something about the notification sound. It scares me, like a gun shot going of. Too loud in relation to the music.
Also, I haven’t found a way to check out my different mines, since all types are lumped together in one profession. You can scroll through miners, but how do I fund my coal mines.

yes that would be great… every time need to search for the miners where they are…

just wanted to highlight one thing as it may be bug or the way it is designed not sure… I found that overlapping happened when I have a well (upgraded) on top of that able to place the garden trails… i did not take screen shot but it was build on the road corner near by a house… but weird I placed two garden trails for more desirability…