Farthest Frontier Dev Livestream

That’ll be 6pm BST/ 7pm CEST times. :grava_yes: :zantai:

Today’s the day folks! :grava_yes:

Thank you all for stopping by the stream today!

If you missed it, you can now view the recording on Youtube:


I missed the stream but caught the replay.
It seems to be shaping up nicely. Looking forward to the teleporting super bears. :grin:

Slightly off-topc, It’s very interesting that Z said that Crate is working on a new engine that might be the basis for GD2. I always thought that GD2 will use Unity, considering that is what Crate is using for their upcoming game(s).

Crate have never said which engine they might use; it’s always been a case of maybe a different engine which would mean importing large parts of the game into it or upgrading the current engine.

Crate used Unity for FF, but we know they’re looking for people to join the team who have Unreal experience as well so pretty much using all 3 engines for various gaming projects seems like to me.

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If you missed us last time, or simply need MOAR, we’ll be livestreaming again this Friday (07/08) at 1PM EDT (5PM GMT).

Come hang out with the devs and see if Bourbontown has burned down yet!

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If you missed our livestream earlier today, the recording is now available on Youtube:


Saw this a little late but while they’ve never straight out said they are using the “new” engine for GD2, you don’t need a calculator to reach the conclusion that it wouldn’t make much sense for them to invest the time and expense in rebuilding GD’s engine and not use it for that purpose.

It’s also noteworthy that recently one of the devs accounts on the FF Steam hub (I think it was medierra or an account under his control) mentioned that it was also being built with other game genres in mind as well. I need to find that post but I can’t remember where I read it off the top right now.

So it sounds to me they potentially have aspirations to eventually have their own custom company engine with which to build all their future games within. Will be interesting to see what comes of it.

Yeah, I recall the same, but can’t remember where I read it.

Found it, it was in the first FF dev stream.

"Nero1024x: Will you make GD2 in EU5 engine?

We are actually working on our own engine for our future games and I imagine, when the time comes, GD2 will run on that as well."

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Ok. Perhaps that’s where I read it then. Probably a copy paste from you somewhere.

More than likely. :laughing:

Exciting to hear that Crate working on their own engine. Seeing how well they improve the TQ to current GD engine, future look really bright.

I wonder if @Rhis involved in building the original TQ engine at IL. I recalled the TQ engine is derivative from another engine call pathfinder engine or something.

Pathfinder was part of the TQ game engine yes. Used for the pathing side of things iirc.

TQ’s engine is entirely custom except for the usage of PathEngine for the pathing. At least according to the Wikipedia entry.

Is there another Dev Livestream scheduled soon?

No. I don’t think there’ll be any more for the time being. Whether Crate will do one at full release - whenever that may be - we’ll just have to wait and see.

If they do decide to do any they’ll post about it here so you should get a notification.

V0.8.0 is going to be a big update for Farthest Frontier and we’re excited to show you all that’s in store. Join us this Friday (11/04) at 1PM EDT (5PM GMT) for a livestream. Bring your burning questions and get a detailed look at everything you can look forward to in v0.8.0 later this month, including some surprises that aren’t in the Public Playtest yet. :wink:

Come hang out with the devs:


Woohoo! :grava_yes: :zantai:

Thank you all that stopped by our v0.8.0 preview livestream!

If you missed us, you can watch the recording now on Youtube:

(HD is processing and coming soon!)

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Thanks man! Always appreciate your live streams. This will get me through the rest of my workday. :slight_smile:

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