Farthest Frontier v0.8.0

heh…and they say tone can’t be inferred through text. :laughing:

Not sure where to ask, but my cattle purchases don’t seem to include bulls. Is there a new way to get bulls? How annoying I have three cows and no bulls. :frowning:

They are magic cattle Contessa (welcome aboard BTW)… the bulls are saved for the waggons. Have patience and you’ll see little cows soon enough, without having to pay extra to have your cows covered.

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Just as a side I just watch another colony sim and it was not like FF. I disliked it. The problems fast growing trees, flat colour tone, like most colony sims now, the pace was insane, to many brain. I like FF, the problem with Early Access (EA) I bought the game based on now but it can change radically by the time it gets out of EA and somethings will get add when it gets a full release, if it gets full release. The only two games for me are Banished and FF (Banished is now in the cardboard. :slight_smile: )

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It’s possible to call the tutorial tooltips by hand?

I believe the ? icon in the top right of any window will bring it up.

Having water stored in Shelters has created a ‘Run’ on water at Wells, as everyone now sees it as something that must be stocked to its maximum capacity of 30 units per Shelter.

Doubling to even quadrupling the number of Wells now needed to keep them stocked and stop the AI from burning everything to the ground.

A basic Well has a storage capacity of 250 units, with an ‘X’ factor recharge rate that could see a Well capable of properly servicing as few as three or four shelters per year, depending on how aggressive fires are.

Add this in with the fact that we must now ring our wells with expensive trees to maximize its recharge rate, using up a 16 or 36 space area in the process.

Well storage capacity and recharge rates should be looked at in accordance with the new, higher demand levels, and the footprint of a Well needs to drop back from four squares, to just one.

A single-layer tree-wrapped well would then cover a 3x3 area and a double wrapped well a 5x5, vs 4x4 and 6x6.

A required setting aside of a 6x6 area for Wells to service just five or six Shelters per village, will become a serious bottleneck.

Consider the effects this enormous demand for more (and much larger areas dedicated to) Wells will have on city design capability.

That explains why my one well is always “dry”. I was thinking it was because it was on location that had 50% water, on the map I am using there are not very many good well spots.

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So far (year 35 in 0.8.0 game) I’ve found on a Lowland Lakes Map, which has fairly abundant Ground Water, that I need about twice the wells I needed in 7.6 - about 1 per 8 - 10 houses where before I got away with 1 for 15 - 20 houses. Anything less and I get Dry Well indicators at least once every 3 - 4 years.

On the other hand, once a well is Upgraded, I don’t get any more Dry Well messages at all - but, I’ve only played about 8 - 10 years with any Upgraded Wells in 0.8.0 so far, so they may just be taking longer to manifest.
Should be able to play another 4 - 7 years in this game tomorrow and try to get an indication of how long the Upgraded Wells last . . .

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Not getting ‘Dry Well’ warnings doesn’t mean you have adequate resources on hand to deal with an intense fire season.

Keep track of their levels and see where they average out.

Less than 100, and you have trouble coming.

I don’t know if it’s just Lowland Lakes (my favorite map-type so far, by the way) but I seem to have the opposite: an intense thunderstorm season full of heavy rain every summer, but the lightning strikes never start a fire no matter what they hit. So far, my wells have been adequate to douse any fires that do start, but I am starting to monitor the actual ‘water count’ as I get ready to advance to the next Tier: the town is getting crowded enough that I’m starting to worry about fires spreading inside the walls.

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Have you tried Random yet? Should probably be called Random Mix though, since that’s what the result is, and not a random choice of one of the three biomes.


Rebuild a wall or lookout tower every time is annoying to me.
Is it possible to rebuild these by default, or any option available?
Also, I would prefer on/off status of a lookout tower being kept after rebuild.
So that, I do not need to rearrange worker every time.

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I did not know that. So no, I have not tried Random, because I thought it was just one of the other map types unlabeled until after you start playing. Will definitely have to try it!

  • Although. I have seen quite a bit of randomness in the labeled map types: some remarkable amounts of highlands in a “Lowland Lakes” map, some “Lowland Lakes” without a drop of water bigger than a small pond, etc - so there is, in my experience, considerable random factor in map generation already.

Awesome new patch! But still hope can update more in combat

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@Zantai When I read comments like from ungamer, it’s frustrating. Don’t let these trolls get you down, the game is great. I’m looking forward to what comes next!


If someone doesn’t have a major-build gaming machine, this game (currently) is going to be dumping a ton of bricks on it.

The number of polygons being generated and manipulated here is up there in interplanetary distance kind of numbers, that make people’s eyes glaze over when you try to interpret them.

Normal PCs grind to a halt under these kinds of loads, and folks get miffed when their stuff don’t work.

Even after optimization this game is still going to require serious horses to run at a decent frame rate and there are going to be lots of unhappy gamers because of it.

It’s the same effect that has been pushing advancements in the computer industry forward for forty years.

Keeping up with the gaming jones.

Personally, I’m glad we’ve moved past monochrome CRTs.

Say ‘Hi.’ to Hipshot for me. :wink:

I just tried the random map generator and it is fantastic. I generated a lowland lakes and mountain biome. I will probably use the random generator every time now.


Well, there might be some truth in what you write, however, with my current setup, pretty old, i5-4430, 16gb ram, 750ti with 2 gb ram (so below minimum specs for the game), I can still run the game reasonably well, even up to 1000 population. And no, I don’t get high fps (around 15) and it takes long to load a save game (up to 5 minutes), but I’m happy to be able to play it at all.
I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to play it on my new computer though, once that’s up and running (i9-11900, 32gb ram, 3070 with 8gb ram, plus a 32" qhd monitor)